Recycling at SJ Quinney: Where Does It Go and What You Should Know

Dec 02, 2014 | Stegner Center

S.J. Quinney College of Law is always looking for ways to improve and leave a lighter environmental foot print. One such practice embraced by the school is recycling. In the current building aluminum, plastic, and cardboard recycling bins are found near the coffee cart and in the breezeway atrium. Paper bins are in the breezeway atrium, near all copy machines, and on the north and south side of the library’s 2nd floor.

Ever wonder where our recyclables go once you put them in the bin?

  • Aluminum goes to Wasatch Metal.
  • Chris Cassun collects batteries for the University Environmental Health and Safety Department to dispose of properly.
  • Toner Cartridges are sent back to the copy company to be refilled and reused.
  • Paper, soft bound books, hard bound books, cardboard, and plastics #1-2 go to Rocky Mountain Recycling Rocky Mountain Recycling also picks up most curbside recycling from homes in the Salt Lake Valley and up to Layton. The collected curbside materials are sorted at Rocky Mountain Recycling.

When we occupy the new building we will recycle other materials in addition to what we do now. We will recycle plastic #3-7, glass, Styrofoam, pallets, CD/DVDs, and carpet tiles. Recycle bins and part of the design of the new building and will be available in many areas.

SORTING MATTERS!! The College of Law must presort its recyclables so Rocky Mountain Recycling can consolidate the raw materials into bails of plastic, cardboard, or paper. These bails are then sold to the correct companies that transform them into other products. Paper, plastic, and aluminum cannot go in the same bails. If too much material is mixed together (also known as contamination) then companies will not buy those bails and they could end up going to the landfill. The University of Utah Recycling Program decided to sort these materials here before they go to Rocky Mountain Recycling to help prevent contamination.

Information about Rocky Mountain Recycling can be found at their website at