Alternative Visions Fund: Looking Towards a More Sustainable Future

Dec 01, 2014 | Stegner Center

Thanks to a generous gift from the Alternative Visions Fund of the Chicago Community Trust, the new S. J. Quinney College of Law building is truly one of a kind. The $4.5 million contribution was given to provide a state-of-the-art and environmentally sustainable home befitting a premiere institution. The innovative design features, responsible construction, materials, and ongoing policies and practices intended for the new building will move the College of Law towards LEED Platinum certification.

Some of the most exciting features, many made possible by the Alternative Visions Fund, include:

  • A well designed site plan that includes efficient irrigation, storm water retention, low water-use landscaping, and access to mass transportation.
  • Reduced energy consumption through enhanced exterior insulation, fixed exterior sunshades and insulating glass that emits low levels of heat.
  • Increased energy-efficiency through “chilled beam” heating and air conditioning system, enhanced lighting controls that include occupancy and daylight sensors, and on-site and off-site solar power generation.
  • Use of sustainable materials, such as LED lighting, and recycled materials.