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"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The inspiration for the Arc to Justice program comes from these immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which serve as a constant reminder of the profound responsibility we bear as members of the legal community who are charged with educating the next generation of attorneys. This is why Dr. King's words rise above us on the wall of the moot courtroom in our building.

The College of Law not only believes this maxim is vital to our mission, but we acknowledge that bending the arc toward justice demands deliberate action by all of us in the legal community. This is a mission we cannot achieve without your commitment.


The Arc to Justice Program

The Arc to Justice program provides full tuition scholarships (Arc Fellowships) to high-achieving members of our incoming JD class who have overcome significant obstacles in life, such as socioeconomic disadvantage, disability, being the first in their family to attend college, attending under-resourced schools, or other major hardships or challenges.

In addition to helping underwrite the cost of legal education, the program works to integrate students from all backgrounds into the legal community—which is particularly important for students who are first-generation lawyers that have never been exposed to our profession or its members. Additionally, the program provides Arc fellows with additional mentoring opportunities and summer employment opportunities following their 1L year.

Arc to Justice Program Partners





Becoming a Law Firm Partner

As partners of the Arc to Justice program, law firms support Utah's Law's efforts to enhance justice for all people, especially from underrepresented populations. The college can configure the partnership experience to best meets the needs and interests of the firm and student fellows, and to give your firm unique opportunities to get to know the fellows.

We welcome suggestions from partnering firms on ways to deliberately work towards equity by increasing opportunities for these students and enhancing their potential.

To explore partnership opportunities in the Arc to Justice program, contact Arturo Thompson, assistant dean, at, or Lexie Kite, director of development, at

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Guiding changes to public health services: Meet Arc Fellow Hannah Bruce
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Arc Fellowship recipient Austin Edens on his journey to Utah Law
Growing up in El Paso, Texas, 1L Austin Edens found his calling for the law while driving with his dad along the Cesar E. Chavez Border Highway that skirts Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which a decade ago was considered the most violent place on Earth.
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Jesus Salazar hopes to be a voice for the voiceless
Jesus Salazar was casually considering law school as an option — but when his family and friends faced incidents of discrimination based on their race, it solidified his decision.
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