Alumni Board of Trustees

Alumni Board of Trustees


The mission of the S.J. Quinney College of Law Alumni Board of Trustees is to foster a lifelong relationship between the college and its alumni that will provide meaningful contributions to the college and enrich the professional lives of its alumni.

Board of Trustees Officers

Alexander R. Dahl, President
Stephanie L. Warner, President-Elect
Christina M. Jepson, Past President

Board Responsibilities

Annual Alumni Event: The law school holds an annual spring alumni event to recognize outstanding alumni and present awards to distinguished alumni.

Fundraising: Members organize and participate in fundraising events for the College of Law.

Class Reunions: If you would like to participate as a class representative for your class reunion, please contact us.

Mentoring Program: Established two years ago, the mentoring program brings lawyers and students together for an informal lunch to discuss professional issues. The board helps in arranging for lawyer participation.


2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Lowell C. Brown
Arent Fox, LLP
(213) 443-7516

Alexander R. Dahl
Strategic Policy Counsel, PLLC
(202) 774-1571 

Blakely Denny
Intercap Lending
(801) 712-1343

Denise A. Dragoo
Snell & Wilmer, LLP
(801) 257-1998

Matthew M. Durham
Stoel Rives, LLP
(801) 578-9984

Dianna M. Gibson
Third District Court
(801) 233-9766

Tyler R. Green
Consovoy McCarthy, PLLC
(202) 664-0166

Dustin O. Jansen
Utah Valley University
(801) 863-4636 

Curtis M. Jensen
Snow Jensen & Reece, PC
(435) 215-4960

Christina M. Jepson
Parson Behle & Latimer, PLC
(801) 536-6820

Jessica L. Lowrey
Veris Wealth Partners
(212) 349-4172

Charlotte L. Miller
Salt Lake Legal Defender Association
(801) 712-4414

Anne Morgan
United States District Court for the District of Utah

Cheryl M. Mori
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
(801) 524-5796

Michael L. Mower
Office of the Governor
(801) 538-1924

Michael P. O’Brien
Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough, PC
(801) 534-7315

Herm Olsen
Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen, PC
(435) 752-2610

Robert O. Rice
Ray Quinney & Nebeker, PC
(801) 323-3352

Marc D. Risman
Law Offices of Marc D. Risman
(702) 388-8100 

Christine M. Roth
Vista Outdoors, Inc.
(202) 514-2375 

Nicole Salazar-Hall
Parsons Behle & Latimer, PLC
(801) 536-6803

Scott C. Sandberg
Spencer Fane
(303) 839-3723

Todd M. Shaughnessy
Third District Court
(801) 238-7302

Engels Tejeda
Holland & Hart, LLP
(801) 799-5851

Sadé A. Turner
Strong & Hanni, PC
(801) 532-7080

Stephanie L. Warner
Adobe Systems Incorporated
(385) 345-1865

Adina Zahradnikova
Disability Law Center
(801) 363-1347 


Elizabeth Kronk Warner
Dean and Professor of Law
(801) 581-6571

Reyes Aguilar, Jr.
Associate Dean for Admission and Financial Aid
(801) 581-6563

Virginia Beane
Director of Finance and Administrative Services
(801) 581-3738

Teneille Brown
Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development
(801) 581-5883

Louisa Heiny
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(801) 587-0214 

Lori Nelson
Director of Alumni Relations
(801) 587-0059

Arturo Thompson
Assistant Dean, Career Development Office
(801) 581-8700 

Lexie Kite
Director of Development
(801) 585-5500

Diana Bradley
2022-23 Young Alumni Association President
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.
(801) 345-1000