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“Every student has the right to pursue meaningful career opportunities.”

If you’re a student, we are your counsel as you define your priorities, and then consider careers that align with those priorities. We believe that you have the right to control your destiny, and that our job is to assist you in creating a framework that empowers you to not only identify the career you ultimately want, but to decide how you will get there. We believe that careers in legal practice are the way most graduates leverage their law degree, but that the array of career options you have with a degree from the College of Law are not limited to the law. We place students in positions across the nation, in big firms and small, in judicial clerkships, in government and public interest roles, in the military, and in business. The critical element in that process is you, the student, so please reach out today.

If you’re an employer, know that we are here to be far more than a place to post a job or book an on-campus interview. We are here to assist you in actively identifying the strongest candidates for your needs. We can help you draft a posting to draw a wider and deeper pool of candidates, and then help you sort through the applications you receive. We can announce and promote events, programs and other opportunities. We bring employers and students together in events throughout the course of the year, from job fairs and presentations to intimate round tables. We are your partner in the hiring process, from big firms to solo practitioners, from urban to rural, across Utah and throughout the nation. We look forward to hearing from you and understanding how we can help you find the best possible solution for your needs.

For alumni of the college of law, we are here to serve you for life. From your first job through lateraling between employers, from changing your practice to leaving practice for an entirely new career, we are here to support you. No matter your need or the circumstances, the CDO is here to support and guide you. Please let us know how we can be of service.



Check out our CDO Student page to learn about working with the career office, the resources available to you, funding for travel to job fairs across the United States, and to see some of the great careers our graduates have pursued.

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If you are a student looking for a job, go to the CDO’s 12Twenty job board. If you need help logging in, please email Cynthia Lane

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If you are an employer looking to post a job, click here to go to the CDO’s 12Twenty system where you can post a job, and create an account if you are new to the system. If you are an employer looking to learn more about the resources we provide for employers, go to our Employers page or reach out to any of the CDO team members listed at the bottom of this page.
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"It’s important to use the college’s Career Development Office (CDO) to explore upcoming events—because that can lead to surprising opportunities that you might not have expected. The CDO is an incredible resource no matter what type of law you want to practice. I would never have been given the opportunity to speak at the Rising Professionals Symposium if I wasn’t regularly meeting with the CDO."

—Samantha Meeker, Class of 2023

“On reflection, I’m surprised to admit that what I remember most about law school is the students I studied with, struggled with, laughed with, and learned with.  There are many classroom moments, of course, and hallway discussions with professors, but it is my fellow students who made the biggest mark on me.  They were from everywhere and were of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds.  I remember the hours we spent studying torts, the rule against perpetuities, the law of offer and acceptance and contracts; the late nights editing law journal articles; and so forth.  We studied hard, but we helped each other learn.  For the last several decades I have employed the same approach to working with colleagues.  I work best in a group, when I can collaborate, share ideas, debate issues, and eventually come up with the right approach to a client problem.  I am convinced that I would not have approached the law that way during my career if I had not been exposed to that collaborative, explorative method while in law school.

The S.J. Quinney College of Law is the author of my life’s work.  I’ve had an amazing series of experiences, acquaintances, privileges, and resulting opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of many people.  I would not have any of that without the College of Law.”

— Lowell Brown, Class of 1982
Brown is a health care operations lawyer, with nearly 40 years’ experience in the world of hospitals and medical providers. During that time he has helped his provider clients achieve success in a wide range of business, regulatory, and medico-legal matters.

“ Many experiences at the law school helped shape my career. I received a phenomenal education where I learned to think on my feet, felt supported by the faculty, and was encouraged to be creative. It was transformative when Professor Erika George began teaching at the school.  I cannot adequately convey how impactful it was for me to be taught by a brilliant, African-American woman.

The community at the law school is dedicated to the success of its graduates.  For example, I planned to leave Utah after law school.  Two months after graduation my personal circumstances drastically changed, and I suddenly needed to find a job that would allow me to remain in Salt Lake.  At the time the Career Development Office had a program where graduates were placed with local law firms and received a small stipend paid by the law school.  I was able to quickly enter this program, work with my first post-law school mentor Jeannine Bennett, and she ultimately hired me.  Had the law school not offered this program, I would have moved out-of-state and my entire life would be different. My experience is proof that whenever the best-laid plans go awry, it could be because the universe (and the S.J. Quinney College of Law) are planning for you.”

— Sadé Turner, Class of 2006
Turner practices civil litigation at Strong & Hanni in Salt Lake City. Her practice focuses primarily on family law and insurance-related matters, where she represents individuals as well as their companies when they are sued.


You can also reach out to anyone on the CDO team by phone or email, or book a meeting through the Calendly Meeting Scheduler links below.

Arturo Thompson
Arturo Thompson
Assistant Dean, Career Development Office
Jaclyn Howell
Jaclyn Howell
Director, Career Development Office
Jim Holbrook
Jim Holbrook
Director of Special Projects
Amanda Barr
Amanda Barr
Career Counselor
Caisa Royer
Caisa Royer
Pro Bono Initiative Director, Public Interest Career Counselor
Cynthia Lane
Cynthia Lane
Administrative Assistant