2021 EDR Blog Year in Review

Jan 10, 2022 | EDR Blog

By Angela Turnbow

I am enchanted by stories. Stories with strong character development, riveting plot lines, and happy (and sad!) endings. Stories with conflict, resolution, and lessons learned. Stories with good dialogue and collaboration. Stories with characters who can forge and strengthen relationships with one another despite the obstacles. Stories with feeling.

The EDR Blog has shared numerous stories this past year that reflect all the amazing work being done in the field of environmental dispute resolution. And my hat comes off to each and every one of you in this field. There have been stories which share the lessons learned from mediating conflict via Zoom. Stories which share the need to include mindfulness practices in facilitation and mediation, or the need to compile resources to be readily available to all those involved in EDR practices. There are stories which speak of great collaborative efforts—including efforts right here along the Wasatch Front. Yet, the most poignant stories have shown that shared experience is meaningful to those involved in conflict and that people can see past their differences, find common ground, and work for resolutions—stories with feeling.

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Don’t miss out on the great stories, lessons learned, and resources we shared via the 23 blogs from 20 guest authors during 2021. A rundown of our 2021 blogs is provided below.

Thank you to all of our guest authors for your contributions to the blog. We invite you to share your thoughts with us again soon!

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Opportunities for Environmental Dispute Resolution, Collaboration, and Engagement

May 3: Jordan Katcher
Breaking Down Silos: The Inception of the Utah Rural Coordinating Council

June 21: Lucy Moore
Why I Love Zoom

October 25: Eric Balken
The Opportunities of a New Glen Canyon


EDR Examples, Effective Practices, and Lessons Learned

March 8: Heather Stokes
Creating Space for Understanding

April 5: Katie Shonk
Using Principled Negotiation to Resolve Disagreements

April 19: Bennett Brooks and Patrick Field
A High-Wire Act: Mediating High Conflict Online

May 17: Brian Tonetti
Uncovering & Restoring Our Urban Creeks

August 9: Isobel Lingenfelter
The Benefits of a Situation Assessment

September 13: Maggie Chumbley
Conversation Dominators. (When “Step Up, Step Back” doesn’t cut it) 

October 11: Wendy Willis
Notes from the Collaborative Governance Rodeo


Honing Our Ability for Collaboration and Dialogue

January 25: Deb Halliday
Illuminating Collaborative Leadership

February 8: Daniel Kemmis
Leveraging the Gains of Collaborative Practice

March 22: Merrick Hoben
Cultivating Dignity in a Year of Rupture

July 12: Cassidy Jones
Zoom Fatigue Is Solvable. But Making Meetings Not Suck Takes Work

November 8: Bruce Waltuck
The Problem with Problems

November 22: Katie Shonk
Conflict-Management Styles: Pitfalls and Best Practices

December 3: James Holbrook
Using Six Thinking Hats in Negotiation


EDR Program and Utah Program on Collaboration

January 11: Angela Turnbow
Invitation to Join Our Efforts in 2021 / 2020 EDR Blog Year in Review

February 22: Nedra Chandler
Apply for the Short Course on Natural Resources Collaboration

June 7: Tania Lown-Hecht
On Conflict, Collaboration, and Leadership: An Interview with EDR Program Director Danya Rumore

July 26: The EDR Program Team
Wisdom from the Peacekeeper of the Year

August 23: Angela Turnbow
“Pause. Take a breath. What do you see?”

September 27: Marina Piscolish
The Pause: Closing the Gap Between Our Best Intentions and Our Actions



Angela TurnbowAngela Turnbow is a Program Manager at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. She provides support for the Masters of Legal Studies program, Utah Law Review, and the EDR Blog.