Invitation to Join Our Efforts in 2021

Jan 11, 2021 | EDR Blog

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Dear EDR Blog readers:

Now more than ever, we are convinced that people need to—and can—work together to make change for the better. Doing so, we believe, will require that we all invest in our self-awareness and skills for dialogue, collaboration, conflict resolution, and leadership. Accordingly, the EDR Program has been fully engaged this past year providing collaborative skills training and process support and innovating left and right (post-partisan pun intended) to fulfill our founding purpose of fostering cultures of collaboration and cultivating co-creative public problem solving.

In light of the disturbing unrest at the Capitol last week and the nation-wide rifts leading up to it, we will be doubling down to provide resources, skills, and leadership for collaborative public problem solving this year. We invite you to join in our efforts. Here are some ways you can be involved:

  • Guest author an EDR Blog to share your wisdom about and experiences with collaboration, conflict resolution, and leadership with our readers.
  • Let us know if you, your team, or organizations you work with are ready to develop and deepen your collaboration and conflict resolution skills. We can connect you with training programs and other resources.
  • Consider donating to the EDR Program to help us continue to provide low or no cost collaboration and conflict resolution services, training, and resources (such as the EDR Blog). Donate here.
  • Have ideas for how we (and by “we,” we mean ALL of us) can help our country and communities heal and work together to make change for the better? Share your thoughts with us!

We hope you enjoyed the EDR Blog in 2020—see the recap of last year’s blogs below—and we wish us all a healthy, happy, and healing 2021.

Danya Rumore and Nedra Chandler, the EDR Program “Co-Pilots”

2020 EDR Blog Year in Review

By Angela Turnbow for

The year 2020 gave more than any of us could have bargained for—an ongoing global pandemic, natural disasters, social justice and economic issues, and to top it all off, it was an election year. We had to learn to adjust and adapt our daily lives in a myriad of ways. Some days were more trying than others and no doubt we’ll be feeling these effects for some time to come. But in addition, we’ve learned to prioritize values, to find resources to help us collaborate in this new normal, to forge and strengthen personal connections with family, friends, and colleagues despite social distancing practices. Along the way, the EDR Blog has done its best to make sure we’ve recorded and shared the valuable lessons learned and effective practices that come with such extraordinary times, such as our Madame C blog series, or the reporting on webinars which help us maintain our collaboration culture.

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Don’t miss out on the great stories, lessons learned, and resources we shared via the 25 blogs from 27 guest authors during 2020. A rundown of our 2020 blogs is provided below. 

Thank you to all of our guest authors for your contributions to the blog. We invite you to share your thoughts with us again soon!

Interested in being an EDR Blog guest author? Or, have suggestions for EDR Blog topics? Contact Angela Turnbow (

Opportunities for Environmental Dispute Resolution, Collaboration, and Stakeholder Engagement

December 14: Michele Straube
Leaders should seek cooperation and collaboration, not compromise

November 9: Lara B. Fowler
Floods, Fires, Drought and More: The Climate is Changing and Dispute Resolution Tools are Needed (Now!)

October 12: Elizabeth Kronk Warner, Kathy Lynn, and Kyle Whyte
Changing Consultation for the Better: An Ethics and Partnership Perspective

September 28: Nedra Chandler
What is this Situation Ready For? Readiness Checking in 5 Steps

August 10: Katie Shonk
Cultural Conflicts in the Covid-19 Era

July 27: Larry Schooler
After Floyd killing, we need a truth and reconciliation commission on race and policing

March 23: Martha C Bean
I        Conflict!

January 27: Claire Turpel Chase
Moderating Mentor and Career Development Conference Panel in Conflict Resolution

EDR Examples, Effective Practices, and Lessons Learned

December 7: Sarah Daitch and Jordi Honey-Rosés
Navigating complex public issues: A comparison of two facilitation approaches to group decision-making

November 23: Nedra Chandler and Diana Hammer
A Scene from Tribal Headquarters at Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes and the Value of Readiness Checking

October 26: Elizabeth Kronk Warner, Kathy Lynn, and Kyle Whyte
Changing Consultation for the Better: Two Case Examples

September 14: Danya Rumore
Lessons Learned from the Probletunity of Madame C: Outer and Inner Work

August 24: Erin Ryan
Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic for Environmental Governance

June 29: Angela Turnbow
Madame C’s Lesson on Mindful Appreciation

June 15: Michele Straube
What Madame C (Coronavirus) Is Teaching Me

April 20: Patrick Field and Osamu Kumsaka
Pipeline Construction: When Safety Goes Global

March 9: Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless
Liberating Structures: Change Methods for Everybody Every Day

February 24: Katie Shonk
Six Guidelines for “Getting to Yes”

January 13: Danya Rumore
Devising strategies for complex public policy challenges: Lessons learned from the Visitation on Utah’s Public Lands workshop

Honing Our Ability for Collaboration and Dialogue

July 13: Hannah Satein
Novel Conditions, but Classic Advice: Wisdom for Corona-induced Collaboration

May 18: Robert Bonnie
Bridging the Rural/Urban Divide on the Environment

May 4: Mikala Jordan
Maintaining Utah’s Collaboration Culture in a Time of Social Distancing

April 6: Susan Podziba
Can we live with building confidence in the process?

EDR Program and Utah Program on Collaboration

June 1: Nedra Chandler and Danya Rumore
What Lessons Are You Learning from Madame C?

February 10: Nedra Chandler
Apply for the Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration


Angela Turnbow is a Program Manager at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. She provides support for the Masters of Legal Studies program, Utah Law Review, and the EDR Blog.