The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law serves students and the community through the generous contributions of people like you.

BuildingJustice Campaign

We still need to raise $26.5 million to pay off the project bond and keep the cost of a Utah law degree among the lowest in the nation.

College of Law Building Justice Capital Campaign Fund

Your contributions go directly to support the construction of the new College of Law building and help reduce future bond payments. As a gateway to campus, the building will serve the needs of students and the community with classes, public events, a law library and continuing education for legal professionals. Read more about the new building and the Building Justice Campaign »

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Stegner Green Building Fund in the S. J. Quinney College of Law

Your contributions to the Green Building Fund support the long-term sustainability features of the new building. Your donation has a lasting impact by reducing the operating costs of the College.

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General Funds

College of Law Dean’s Fund

Your generous gift will be utilized according to current demands in serving our students and the broader society by leveraging the collective strengths of the projects, initiatives, and academies in the College of Law.

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College of Law General Scholarship Fund

Donations to the General Scholarship Fund are combined and leveraged with others like yours for maximum impact on our students. Scholarships are awarded by merit- and need-based criteria and are managed directly at the College of Law.

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College of Law Library Fund

Gifts enable the law library administration to fund current and long-term projects, manage circulation priorities, and strategically expand resources to students and the community.

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Centers of Excellence and Programs

College of Law – Pro-Bono Initiative General Fund

Your financial gift will support the Pro Bono Initiative, our voluntary program whose primary goal is to emphasize the fundamental role of public service in the legal profession. It seeks to instill greater awareness among law students of their ethical responsibility to provide legal services to the disadvantaged.

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College of Law – Wallace Stegner Center

Contributions directly support the multidisciplinary study of natural resources and environmental law and policy, our dynamic environmental programs, and the annual Wallace Stegner Center symposium.

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College of Law – Law and Biomedical Sciences Fund

The Center on Law and Biomedical Sciences addresses new developments in the biomedical sciences through law. Interests include intellectual property, law and genetics, privacy and biomedical informatics, law and neuroscience, and health reform.

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College of Law – Global Justice

As our international reach increases, the Global Justice Fund supports ongoing research, programmatic implementation, and cross disciplinary efforts of the College of Law in global matters at home and abroad.

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College of Law – Anderson Technology Fund

Support is directed to four priorities: enhance efficiency in our administrative services to faculty and students, build community through integrated software and social networking tools, expand access to our topical contributions and educational innovation, and to advance our students’ learning objectives through innovative learning and classroom technologies.

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