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For more information about giving to one of the College of Law’s many scholarship funds, please call 801-585-5500. You may also make a donation to the College of Law Dean’s fund and indicate in the special instructions section which scholarship you would like to support.

S.J. Quinney College of Law Scholarships and Fellowships

Alex and Margaret E. Oser Endowed Scholarship
Alfred M. Klein Scholarship Fund
Alonzo W. Watson, Jr. Scholarship
Arvo Van Alstyne Memorial Scholarship
Barnard J. Stewart Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Beatrice F. Kroesche Scholarship and Utah Center for Legal Inclusion Scholarship
Beverly Bistline Endowed Scholarship
Bonnie Mitchell Endowed Scholarship
Borchard Scholarship Account
Brian M. Barnard Endowed Scholarship
Bryce E. Roe Scholarship Fund
Callister Memorial Scholarship
Calvin A. and Hope F. Eccles Behle Fellowship
Carl K. and Gloria Davis Endowed Scholarship
D. Carl and Vera W. Richards Endowed Scholarship
Daniel J. Dykstra Scholarship
David Arapene Cuch Endowed Scholarship
David K. & Dorothy B. Watkiss Scholarship Fund
Earl M. and Corinne N. Wunderli Endowed Scholarship
Edward D. and Carol J. Spurgeon Public Service Endowed Fellowship
Emerson Cannon Willey Endowed Scholarship
Environmental Law Clinic Scholarship
ESRR Wallace Stegner Center Environmental Scholarship
Evalyn and Wallace Bennett Scholarship Fund
G.W. Anderson Oil and Gas Fellowship
George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Merit Scholarship
George W. and Rhoda C. Latimer Endowed Scholarship
Glenn C. and Bruhneild R. Hanni Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Gordon Jensen Memorial Scholarship
Hurless Memorial Scholarship
I.J. and Jeanne Wagner Charitable Foundation Scholarship
J. Ralph and Dorothy Mecham Scholarship
J. Thomas and Kay B. Greene Family Endowed Scholarship
Jack Lunt Endowed Scholarship
James F. Housley Memorial Scholarship
James R. Holbrook Scholarship Endowment
James T. Jensen Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jill Peterson Memorial Scholarship
John J. Flynn Endowed Scholarship
John S. Boyden Memorial Fund
Jonathan M. and Tina B. Ruga Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jones Waldo & Holbrook Scholarship
Judge Gilbert A. Martinez “Semper Fi” Community Service Scholarship
Judge John Farr Larson and Ann Clayson Larson Endowed Scholarship
Judge Logan Morris Memorial Endowment
Judge Rulon W. Clark Endowed Fellowship
Justice Isaac Daniel Stewart, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Justin C. and Martha R. Stewart Endowed Scholarship
Kelley Michael Gale Alternative Energy Merit Scholarship
Khazeni Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Law
Lawrence L. Summerhays Endowed Scholarship
Lee E. Teitelbaum Memorial Scholarship
Leroy S. Axland Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Lionel Frankel Public Interest Summer Fellowship Fund
Lowell C. Brown Endowed Scholarship
Lynn and Tom Fey Afghanistan Global Justice Reform Merit Scholarship
Marriner S. Eccles Scholarship
Mitchell Melich Endowed Scholarship
Native American Minority Scholarship Fund
Norman W. Kettner Endowed Scholarship
Norton Scholarship Fund
O’Hara Endowed Scholarship in Natural Resources Law
Parsons Behle & Latimer Merit Scholarship
Paul E. Iverson Endowed Scholarship
Peter “Rocky” Rognlie Pro Bono Student Fellow Fund
Phil Hansen Scholarship Fund
Pro Bono Initiative Scholarship
Professor Ronald N. and Coral Darlene Boyce Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ray H. Ivie and Joy P. Ivie Endowed Scholarship
Reva Beck Bosone Memorial Scholarship
Robert D. Merrill Scholarship
Robert W. and Amy T. Barker Endowed Scholarship
Robert W. Swenson Fellowship in Natural Resource Law
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Scholarship
Roger and Madeleine Traynor Endowed Scholarship
Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Scholarship
S.J. Quinney College of Law General Scholarship Fund
Samuel and Bertha Bernstein Endowed Scholarship
S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation College of Law Scholarship
S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation College of Law Fellowships
Stegner Center Research Fellows Program
Stephen L. Richards Endowed Scholarship
Stephen Pierre Traynor Endowment
Steven Magleby Memorial Law Student Fellowship Fund
Stoel Rives LLP Scholarship Expendable Fund
Susan Cooper Jones Scholarship Fund
Theodore J. Dikeou Scholarship Fund
Utah Minority Bar Association Foundation Scholarship Fund
W. J. Mitchell Family Endowed Merit Fellowship
Wallace R. Bennett Scholarship Fund
Wendell B. Hammond Endowed Scholarship
William H. Gibson Memorial Endowment
William Hilton Waggoner Endowed Scholarship
William K. Reagan Scholarship