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Juris Doctor/Master of Real Estate Development (MRED)

The S.J. Quinney College of Law and the David Eccles School of Business have adopted the following program to enable students to pursue both a JD degree and an MRED degree simultaneously.


      • Applying to both programs at the same time - If you are accepted into both programs at the same time, we HIGHLY encourage you to defer for one year (Fall and Spring semesters) from the MRED program to complete your first year of law school. The College of Law will not give law credit for an MRED course unless the applicant has first successfully completed the required first-year law courses at the College of Law. 
      • Current JD students applying for the MRED program - We encourage you to set up appointments with both program advisors to make sure you understand the expectations of both programs.
      • Current MRED students applying for the JD program -  Please be aware by completing courses in the MRED program before completing the first-year of law school, we now cannot accept any courses that would have met the 12 cross-over credits. Once you are accepted in the JD program, you MUST take a leave of absence from the MRED program to complete your first-year of law school.
      • Applicants interested in both programs must submit separate admission applications. Each program has its own independent admission standards, and admission to one program does not ensure admission to the other.


The JD and MRED programs will both accept 12 credits from each other's programs towards their Total Hour Requirement:

      • MRED Total Hour Requirement: 42 credits - 12 cross-over JD credits = 30 credits
      • JD Total Hour Requirement: 88 credits  - 12 cross-over MRED credits - 76 credits
      • Total Credits: 106 credits

Because the overall credit requirements for both degrees are reduced by 24 credit hours, a student enrolled in the dual degree program full-time should be able to complete the program in 8 semesters.


To earn academic credit towards a law degree for coursework completed in the MRED program: (1) an MRED course must be pre-approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and (2) the student must receive a grade of 3.0 (“B”) or higher in the course.

To earn academic credit towards the MRED degree for coursework completed in the College of Law: (1) the course may not be part of the law school’s first-year curriculum; (2) the student must receive a grade of 3.0 (“B”) or higher in the course; and (3) the course must be approved by the MRED Academic Advisor. A list of pre-approved law school courses follows.


A student in the JD/MRED Dual Degree Program who during any semester is enrolled in only one program alone MUST notify the JD Advisor and/or MRED Advisor of that fact. If you do not notify them you could be discontinued from the program in which you are not enrolled in during that semester.


A student enrolled in the JD/MRED Dual Degree Program must complete all requirements of both programs before either degree will be awarded. In the event a student elects to pursue a single degree after being accepted into the dual degree program, both the law school and the business school must be notified and all of the requirements of the elected program must be met.

Upon completion of both programs, the student earns two separate degrees, a JD degree awarded by the College of Law and an MRED degree awarded by the School of Business.

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