Wallace Stegner Center Spring 2023 Green Bag Series

Sep 15, 2022 | Stegner Center

The Wallace Stegner Center Spring 2023 programing will include a lecture series sponsored by the Audubon Society addressing the timely topic of Utah water law and policy in this era of climate change and drought. The series will include presentations on:

The series will run from mid-January to mid-March and will provide information on Utah water law and policy leading up to the Stegner Center’s 28th annual symposium, which will focus on “The Future of the Great Salt Lake.” (For additional information on the symposium, please read the article in this newsletter).

In an event cosponsored with the Tanner Humanities Center, the Stegner Center will be joined by Anne E. Palmer, Ed.D, Executive Director, Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative, who will deliver a presentation on 41 previously unpublished Stegner letters between “Wally” and Garner D. Irvine, one of his lifelong closest friends. This presentation will invite those interested in Wallace Stegner’s manuscripts to explore: what texts foreshadow Wallace Stegner’s prominence, and how might we approach this historical research that connects us personally to our land, resources, and the environment.

Finally, Andrew Gulliford, a professor of history and Environmental Studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and an award-winning author, will join the Stegner Center to deliver a presentation on his new book Bears Ears: Landscape of Refuge and Resistance. Gulliford will consider the current controversies surrounding Bears Ears in light of 11,000 years of the region’s history that illuminates  what’s truly at stake in this conflict and distills this geography as a place of refuge and resistance for Native Americans who seek to preserve their ancestral homes, and for the descendants of Mormon families who arrived by wagon train in 1880.

For details on these events, including dates and registration links, please visit the Stegner Center online calendar after the first of the year.