Utah Law faculty updates: March 2024

Apr 19, 2024 | Faculty

Each month, we share notable updates—including presentations, publications, panels, and other accomplishments—from Utah Law faculty members.

Associate Professor Daniel Aaron, a young man with olive skin and dark brown hair and a beard wearing a navy blazer and navy and fuchsia floral shirtProfessor Daniel Aaron

Professor Jorge Contreras, a Hispanic man with short black hair and glassesProfessor Jorge Contreras

  • Presentations
    • “Consensus Templates: Preserving Trust in the Contractual Infrastructure of Global Commerce,” BYU 6th Annual Winter Deals Conference, Park City, UT (Mar. 2024).
  • Panels
    • Silicon Valley IP Forum, Stanford, CA (Mar. 2024).

Professor Leslie Francis, an older white woman with long silver hair wearing a silver medallion necklaceProfessor Leslie Francis

  • Publications
    • Leslie Francis, Protecting Electronic Health Records After Dobbs, 64 SANTA CLARA LAW REVIEW __ (forthcoming 2024).
  • Presentations
    • “Bigotry Distraction,” at Defining Health Law for the Future, Georgia State University College of Law, Atlanta, GA (Feb. 2024) with Daniel Aaron.

Professor Amos Guiora, a white man with grey hair wearing round-rimmed glasses and a blue-and-white-striped button-up and navy blazerProfessor Amos Guiora

  • Presentations
    • International Legal Analysis, Israel/Gaza Conflict, UCLA School of Law Promise Institute for Human Rights, Los Angeles, CA (Mar. 2024).
    • Holding Enablers and Bystanders Accountable,” Parson Behle & Latimer, Salt Lake City, UT (Mar.  2024).

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Louisa Heiny

  • Presentations
    • Character evidence presentation to the Utah Justice Court Judges Conference (Mar. 2024).


Jamie Pleune, a white woman with blonde hair wearing a pink blouse and light-grey blazerAssociate Professor Jamie Pleune

  • Presentations
    • “Strategies for Improving Timeliness of Mine Permitting Without Compromising Environmental or Social Values” with Department of Commerce’s Commercial Legal Development Program, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Bucharest, Romania (Mar. 2024).
  • Panels
    • “Avoiding Maladaptive Responses to Mineral Development Pressures,” 29th Annual Stegner Symposium, University of Utah College of Law, Salt Lake City, UT (Mar. 2024).
    • “Using Data to Drive Permit Reform Proposals,” 29th Annual Stegner Symposium, University of Utah College of Law, Salt Lake City, UT (Mar. 2024).