Professor Teneille Brown named to new Conviction Integrity Unit

Dec 15, 2021 | Faculty

Davis County District Attorney Troy Rawlings recently formed a new Conviction Integrity Unit. The purpose of the new unit is to review claims of factual innocence by people convicted in Davis County of felony crimes.

Rawlings said as the county’s top prosecutor, he has an obligation to ensure there is fairness and balance in the criminal justice system. He calls the unit another tool to make sure the county gets it right.

Professor Teneille Brown was asked to join the team, along with current or former judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and more.

“The state’s power is never higher than when it enforces its criminal laws to strip people of their liberty—that’s why it’s so important that we get it right,” she said. “And if mistakes are made, it strengthens the law’s legitimacy to interrogate this and fix it.”

Read more about the Conviction Integrity Unit here.