Professor Christina Koningisor wins award for outstanding scholarship

Jun 16, 2022 | Faculty

Associate Professor Christina Koningisor recently received the Reidenberg-Kerr Award for Outstanding Scholarship by a Junior Scholar from the Privacy Law Scholars Conference.

This award is named after privacy law scholars Ian Kerr and Joel Reidenberg. It is based on the overall excellence of a paper submitted by a pre-tenure scholar. Professor Koningisor’s paper titled “Police Secrecy Exceptionalism” earned her this prestigious award, which was presented at an invitation-only privacy law conference.

The paper explores the many secrecy protections granted to law enforcement agencies. “Examining police secrecy in the context of the broader state and local transparency law regime reveals just how much special treatment law enforcement agencies receive,” says Koningisor. “Police records are privileged at nearly every turn.” The paper is forthcoming in the Columbia Law Review

Professor Koningisor teaches and writes about administrative law, constitutional law, media law, and local government law. Her scholarship has appeared in the Yale Law Journal, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, and Minnesota Law Review. Professor Koningisor is a graduate of Yale Law School and Brown University. She has previously served as a lawyer for the New York Times, a law clerk on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and a Fulbright fellow in Kuwait. She joined the faculty of the S.J. Quinney College of Law in July 2021.