Professor Amos Guiora speaks to local, national and international media about war in Israel

Oct 10, 2023 | Faculty

Interior of Professor Amos Guiora's Salt Lake City apartment, with a large screen door, white walls, and an interviewer talking with Amos Guiora opposite a videocamera.Professor Amos Guiora, an expert in Israeli politics and national security, has been speaking to both national and local media outlets about his perspective on the Israel-Hamas conflict that began in early October 2023. Guiora is a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen. See a roundup of media mentions, including opinion pieces, below.

Israel-Hamas conflict media appearances:

U of U professor in Israel explains situation on the ground
Yahoo Finance

Where does Israel go from here, and what awaits in the coming days?
Salt Lake Tribune

Israel-Hamas conflict with Amos Guiora
Utah Public Radio

University of Utah law professor shares firsthand experience of ongoing conflict

Potential security threats amid the Israel war
Dave and Dujanovic podcast

Reactions to Israel-Hamas war
Rod Arquette radio show

Jewish Utahns ‘troubled,’ ‘concerned,’ after hundreds killed in Israel attack

U of U Professor Amos Guiora from Jerusalem
KRCL Radioactive

Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu and the opposition form emergency government until the end of the war

Israel at War

Biden in Israel
Dave and Dujanovic podcast

U of U law professor talks about Hezbollah’s growing role, daily life in Israel

How the Israel-Hamas War Tests International Law
The Wall Street Journal

Israel should prioritize release of hostages in its war with Hamas: Analyst
Channel News Asia

Opinion: Populism, whether in Israel or America, is destructive
Citizen Times

Is the Biden administration playing a role in Israel’s delayed ground invasion?
Deseret News

Israel’s government failed us on Oct. 7. Now it has a duty to bring the hostages home.
The Hill

Is the U.S. doing enough to respond to the war in Israel?
Deseret News

Due Processes Versus Defamation
The New York Times

The Fate of Gaza
Dave and Dujanovic podcast

Speak Up and Stand Up Against Hate with the Utah Muslim Civic League and United Jewish Federation of Utah
KRCL Radioactive

Urgent Call to Action for 200 Hostages in the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Israel at War: The latest on hostage releases
Dave and Dujanovic podcast

Utah expert believes Israel-Hamas deal to release hostages is important step
Fox 13 Utah

The secret negotiations that led to the Israel-Hamas hostage deal
Channel News Asia

Israel-Hamas Hostage Agreement: What You Need to Know
Zoomer Radio podcast

University of Utah Israeli-American professor focused on hostages this Thanksgiving

Panelists share grief, anger and expectations for the Israel-Hamas war at Jewish Community Center event
City Weekly

The academics’ and women’s groups’ silence is deafening
The Hill

Antisemitism on campus: University presidents face backlash over response
Dave and Dujanovic podcast

What son of Holocaust says about Harvard, Penn presidents
Deseret News

Netanyahu must end his futile campaign in Gaza, and Biden must make him do it
The Hill

Israel Supreme Court strikes down judicial overhaul and Israel will counter South Africa in the world court
Zoomer Radio podcast

Israel goes to court over accusations of genocide
Zoomer Radio podcast

Gaza crisis: Netanyahu rejects Hamas hostage deal
Channel News Asia

World court rejects demand for Gaza cease-fire
Wall Street Journal

Former IDF Lt. Colonel: Antisemitism, Ceasefire, and the Israel-Hamas War
Institute for Faith and Freedom

The Complexities and Realities of the Middle East
Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson