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Paul Cassell wins ruling in landmark case against Boeing

Jan 20, 2023 | Faculty

Professor Paul Cassell, who is the Ronald N. Boyce Presidential Professor of Criminal Law, has won an important ruling in a case against The Boeing Corporation in which he is representing the families of those killed in the Boeing 737MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019.

According to a Washington Post article in which Cassell is quoted, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor, who is hearing the case, ruled that Boeing must appear in court “for a formal arraignment on a charge that it conspired to defraud the United States over the safety of its 737 Max jets.”

“This is a real blow in favor of evenhanded justice,” said Cassell.

O’Connor also ruled “that representatives of those killed on Max planes in Indonesia in 2018 and Ethiopia in 2019 will be allowed to be heard during the Jan. 26 proceeding and that Boeing ‘has no right to waive its appearance.'”

Several news outlets covered the arraignment, in which both the victims’ families and Boeing appeared in court. Boeing pled not guilty to the charges of fraud.

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