MLS alumni spotlight: Glen Proctor

Jan 25, 2024 | Alumni

by Emily Gonzalez

Glen Proctor, an older white man with short gray hair and blue eyes, wears a grey suit jacket and a burgundy tieGlen Proctor graduated with the in-person Master of Legal Studies (MLS) class of 2022. Get to know him better in this alumni spotlight.

What was your experience like when you were in the MLS program?

I debated for over a year whether I should pursue an MLS degree. Once I was accepted, and attended orientation, I knew I made a good choice. From day one, I enjoyed being back in the classroom learning from law school professors, engaging in lively discussions, and meeting new friends. By week two, our class began to form friendships that continue to this day. We supported one another and shared our personal stories during classes. We talked about our lives, our families, and challenges. We had spirited debates at times, but a genuineness existed among us that was foundational to our success. We laughed, too. We found humor in the little things, and we took a general interest in each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my MLS courses. However, three stand out: one, Laws and Litigation; two, Comparative Law; and three, Legal Research and Writing. I have so many fond memories of the MLS program, it is difficult to pick just one. Every other week I looked forward to being back in class with my cohorts and professors. Granted, the class work and research projects were extremely challenging, but the experience of associating with these good people, our professors, and the S.J. Quinney staff was life-changing.

Tell us about your professional background and how earning your MLS has continued to shape your professional world.

At the beginning my MLS journey, I worked for U.S. Department of Justice, hoping this degree would propel my career into an administrative position. After the first MLS semester, I realized that would not happen, and a new career opportunity presented itself. My current position is with the Utah Courts, and my responsibilities are more parallel to my MLS training and education. I am tasked with managing staff, supervising court facilities, and working with the judiciary and other court administrative officials on a day-to-day basis.

My MLS education helped shape me for this position by opening many doors to different components of the law, including employment law, administrative law, litigation, legal writing, contractual and legislative law. I have relied heavily on my MLS training and experiences to guide me through projects and decisions I am tasked with making. One challenge in my administrative position is employment law, and I am grateful this course provided an in-depth understanding of the complexities of this evolving area of the law.

Tell us more about your goals for the next five years.

Professionally, my goals for the next five years are to remain actively involved with my current profession in the Utah Courts and hopefully provide leadership and support to my colleagues. We have some long-term projects that will begin to take shape in the next couple of years, with strategic planning of a new courthouse, transitioning staff and the ever-developing technology. I welcome the daily challenges of my current position and constantly search for ways to increase morale, motivate others, and support the virtue and values of public service. The MLS program helped lay the foundation and guide me through my current professional responsibilities.

Lastly, tell us more about who you are outside of your professional and academic pursuits.

Family is number one to me. I have an amazing family, and I am blessed to be a part of their lives. I relish my time with them, from our weekend dinners, travels, and activities to simply supporting their hopes and dreams. My two granddaughters have captured my heart, and my time with them is priceless. I enjoy traveling and one day soon hope to visit Switzerland, Germany and Austria (COVID stopped my first attempt back in 2020). Traveling to Alaska is a close second, and I love the majesty and beauty of this stunning frontier. I enjoy the great outdoors, especially the mountains, wildlife and fly-fishing. I have an English springer spaniel (Remi) who loves to walk me in the park every chance he gets. Reading, home improvement projects and yard work (yes, yard work) are some favorite pastimes, too.

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