EDR Blog Year in Review: 2019

Dec 16, 2019 | EDR Blog

By Angela Turnbow for EDRBlog.org

One of the reasons I enjoy managing the EDR Blog is the chance to read about the valuable resources, best practices, case studies, ideas, and activities related to collaboration and dialogue, as well as to learn about all of the amazing work that is being done to resolve the complex environmental and natural resource (ENR) issues. I also find that these blogs offer good general life advice. For example, common blog themes such as the emphasis on values, ways to connect and preserve relationships, effective communication, and the importance of trust and listening to one another are valuable tidbits that can help us all in our work and personal lives. The EDR Blog has also helped expand my vocabulary and introduced me to a range of useful concepts. I now focus on “going slow to go fast” (i.e., taking time to build trust and develop relationships before tackling major problems) and clarifying and understanding my “BATNA” (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) in any decision-making or negotiation situation. In truth, reading about all this and more in the EDR Blog gives me a feeling of hope for the future. And I hope (pun intended) to read more ENR stories sharing the good life advice in the new year on our blog!

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Don’t miss out on the great stories, lessons learned, and resources we shared via the 24 blogs from 23 authors during 2019. A rundown of our 2019 blogs is provided below.  

Thank you to all of our guest authors for your contributions to the blog. We invite you to share your thoughts with us again soon!

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EDR Examples, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned

October 21: Ryan Golten and Daniel R. Birch
Nurturing Collaboration in Colorado’s Water Community: What Have We Learned?

September 23: Zoë McAlear
Building Community Resilience to Climate Change with Facilitated, Collaborative Dialogue

September 9: Danya Rumore
Less but Better: An Investment in Avoiding Unnecessary Conflict

August 12: Jake Powell
Stumbling into Collaboration: Learning to Listen from Ranchers, Elk, and Trout

July 29: Mikala Jordan
Lessons Learned in My First Year of Dispute Resolution

July 15: Samuel Dinnar
Harvard Shares Five Tips for an Experienced Mediator

July 1: Zoë McAlear
Wisdom from the Field: Lessons for Collaborative Natural Resource Management and Community Development Partnerships

April 8: Katherine Daly
It’s not Federal Overreach, It’s Federal Under-Listening: Lessons from Rural Oregon

March 11: Steve Daniels
Why “Progress” Fits Natural Resource Conflict Management Better than “Success”

February 11: Steven C. Beda
The Path of Collaboration in Harney County, Oregon

January 28: William Butler
A New Era in Collaborative Forest Restoration: Working Towards Long-Term, Large-Scale, and High-Capacity Collaboration

Honing Our Ability for Collaboration and Dialogue

December 2: David Fairman and Stacie Nicole Smith
Breakthrough Collaboration: What is It and How Do We Help Make It Happen?

November 4: Marina Piscolish
Righting Un-rightable Wrongs: The Difference a Decade Makes!

October 7: Hannah Satein
In Defense of Facts: The Need to Discuss Values

August 26: James R. Holbrook
Using the Johari Rooms in Dispute Resolution

July 17: Michele Straube
Collaboration Playlist

June 3: Ch’aska Huayhuaca
A Sea of C’s: Collective and Competing Collaboratives in Colorado

May 20: Emily Nicolosi
The Utah Resilience Map: Making Connections Between Local Sustainability Projects

May 6: Emma Frances Bloomfield
Communication Strategies for Engaging Climate Skeptics: Religion and the Environment

April 22: Dianne Olson
Trust – An Essential Collaborative Component

March 25: Leanne Bernstein
Do Cows Come to Consensus? Exploring What Humans and Animals Might Have in Common When it Comes to Dispute Resolution

EDR Program and Utah Program on Collaboration

November 18: Nedra Chandler
EDR Program Brings Process Innovation to You, Utah, & the Mountain West

February 25: Katherine Daly
Apply for the Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration

January 14: Angela Turnbow
EDR Blog Year in Review: 2018

Angela Turnbow is a Program Manager at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. She provides support for the Masters of Legal Studies program, Utah Law Review, and the EDR Blog.