EDR Blog Year in Review: 2018

Jan 14, 2019 | EDR Blog

By Angela Turnbow

What strikes me most at the close of another year for the EDR Blog is the perseverance and determination I see happening in the field of environmental dispute resolution (EDR). Despite the ongoing obstacles encountered—disgruntled parties, stakeholders unwilling to collaborate, or the seeming lack of interest in participation—those involved in EDR and its practices continue to move forward and to make progress on tricky challenges. There are always new adjustments to plans, new approaches to collaboration and dialogue, new stakeholders at the table, etc.—all with the aim of solving complex environmental and natural resource (ENR) issues. From my outsider’s perspective, it’s rewarding to watch this perseverance emerge in the many stories, examples, lessons learned, and resources shared through the EDR Blog. More specifically, I’ve seen an emphasis on people: to be inclusive rather than exclusive; a desire to connect with others; values placed on relationships; that resolution and relationships are a work in progress. This is a credit to all those in the EDR field who work tirelessly and bring their passion to the table. I hope to see more of this in the upcoming year!

We don’t want readers to miss out on the great stories,lessons learned, and resources we’ve shared on the EDR Blog during 2018. So,here is a recap of the 25 blogs from 20 guest authors we posted this past year.

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Thank you to all of our guest authors for your contributions to the blog this year. We hope that you’ll share your thoughts with us again soon!

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EDR Examples, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned

March 26: Daniel Friedman
WhatEnvironmental Dispute Resolution Can Learn from Civity and Complexity Science

April 9: Nedra Chandler
MorePeaceful Winters Reign in Yellowstone

May 21: Dr. Emma Frances Bloomfield
FourStrategies for Effective Science Communication

June 4: Hannah Satein
ComingFull Circle: Using Litigation as a Tool to Facilitate Collaboration

August 13: Katherine Daly
StateInvests Millions in Conflict Resolution: A Case Study

October 8: Mary Dumas
AddressingComplex Issues with Trauma-informed Approaches

October 22: Leah Jaramillo
BuildingTrust with the Public in Your Decision-Making Process

November 5: CK Miller
CanEDR Practices Benefit from Learner-Centered Teaching Strategies?

December 3: Repost by Patrick Field
Energy SitingCan Be Incendiary

Honing Our Ability for Collaboration and Dialogue

February 12: Cody Lutz
The SweetSound of Collaboration

March 12: Steve Greenwood
HelpingCollaborative Groups Get Real

April 23: Leanne Bernstein
Collaborationis Improv or is Improv a Collaboration

July 16: Michele Straube
WhatWe Can Learn from Bees About Building Consensus

July 30: Rachel Caldwell
ThePower of Vulnerability in Conflict Resolution

August 27: Repost by Nedra Chandler
Rockand Roll: Use the Triangle of Satisfaction to Design and Facilitate EffectiveCollaboration

September 10: Repost by Douglas Thompson
Don’tBelieve Everything You Think: The Pitfalls of Cognitive Bias

September 24: Danya Rumore
Wisdomfrom the Experts: Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in the West

November 19: Skye Sieber and Jaimi Butler
GreatSalt Lake Stink Tank: Moving a Dialogue on Collaboration Forward

EDR Program and Utah Program on Collaboration

January 16: Angela Turnbow
EDR Blog Year inReview 2017

January 29: Danya Rumore
Cultivatinga Culture of Environmental and Natural Resources Collaboration in Utah

February 26: Katherine DalyApply for the Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration

May 7: Kelly Beck
FindingShared Interests at the Fort Douglas National Historic Landmark

June 18: Nate Thomas and Nizhone Meza
Teamworkand Shared Interests to Improve Tribal Relations with the BLM in Utah

July 2: Dianne Olson
UnravelingComplex Issues – Collaboration around the Great Salt Lake

December 17: Danya Rumore
Collaboratingon Air Quality: From Pollution to Solution

AngelaTurnbow is a Program Manager at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. She provides support for the Masters of Legal Studies program, Utah Law Review, and the EDR Blog.