EDR Blog Year in Review: 2017

Jan 16, 2018 | EDR Blog

By Angela Turnbow

As I look back on the EDR Blogs we’ve posted in the last 12 months, I find myself inspired and energized by the many examples of collaboration and strategies for how to build bridges among individuals, stakeholder groups, and communities our authors have shared. This past year’s blogs provide information on conflict resolution tools and methods, such as conflict mapping, as well as strategies for public engagement, such as how to effectively conduct town halls in a way that allows concerned citizens to meaningfully voice their concerns. We’ve learned a number of lessons learned from collaborative efforts, such as about the three F’s that have helped the Escalante River Watershed Partnership stay afloat: facilitation, framework, and funding. And we have also learned that there are still plenty of opportunities in which we can navigate conflict through collaboration and find resolutions that reflect the values of all involved, such as the continued work to protect our dark skies and find solutions for Salt Lake City’s light pollution.

In case you haven’t yet had a chance to read all of our 2017 EDR Blogs, we’ve compiled all these great stories, lessons learned, and resources here. Thank you to all of our guest authors for your contributions to the blog this year—we posted 27 blogs from 25 guest authors. We hope that you’ll share your thoughts with us again!

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This year has certainly been a big one for the EDR Program, as we said farewell to Founding Director Michele Straube and welcomed Theresa Jensen as our new Associate Director. We will keep moving forward in 2018 under the directorship of Danya Rumore, and look forward to sharing many more stories, lessons learned, and other wisdom about collaboration and conflict resolution via the EDR Blog.

Interested in being an EDR Blog guest author? Or, have suggestions for EDR Blog topics? Contact Angela Turnbow (angela.turnbow@law.utah.edu).

Opportunities for Environmental Dispute Resolution, Collaboration, and Stakeholder Engagement

February 27: James R. Holbrook
Two Sources of Turmoil in a Divided America

March 27: Janey Heyman
Empowering Collaboration Through Dark Sky Protection

April 24: Larry Schooler
“Town Halls” Are Dead. Long Live Town Halls?

May 22: Nils Lofgren
The Future of Indian Water Rights in the West

June 5: Ian Summers
I’ll See You in Court: Litigation and Collaborative Land Management

November 20: Susan Crook
Finding Common Ground on Public Lands

EDR Examples, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned

January 3: Wendy Green Lowe
Keep your knees bent while facilitating

February 13: Repost by Patrick Field
E Pluribus Unum (out of many one)

April 10: Adriane P. Borgias
Accomplishing the Impossible: The Spokane River Story

July 17: Repost by Gina Bartlett
Breaking the Natural Resources Gridlock with Consensus Building

October 9: Dena Marshall
Conflict Mapping Is No Spaghetti Bowl

October 23: Sue Fearon
The Three F’s of a Successful Watershed Partnership

November 6: Repost by Jim Ferrell
A Practical Road Map for Resolving Conflict

December 4: Kailey Kornhauser
A New Way of Doing Business? Collaborating with the U.S. Forest Service

The Unique Human Ability for Collaboration and Dialogue

January 17: Barbara E. Lewis
From Question to Connection: Building Bridges with Appreciative Inquiry

March 13: Katherine Daly
For Living Room Candor, Keep the Conversation Casual

May 8: Dan Adams
Making Room for Give and Take

June 19: Danya Rumore
A Need—and an Opportunity—for Leadership

December 18: Mary Dumas
Mindfulness for mediators, innovators and problem solvers

EDR Program and Utah Program on Collaboration

January 30: Angela Turnbow
EDR Blog Year in Review: 2016

March 20: Michele Straube
Apply for Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration

July 3: Griffin Smith
Fostering Productive Dialogue in Divided Times

July 26: Michele Straube
A Cow Runs Through It: Reflections on 20+ Years as an Environmental Mediator

August 14: Theresa Jensen
Taking the Leap: A Collaborative Process—and Life!—Journey

August 28: Michele Straube and Danya Rumore
Daring to Dialogue: Stories of “Being the Change”

September 11: Craig Walker
Establishing Collaboration: Breaking Down Silos to Effectively Manage Ecosystems

September 25: Ashley Miller
Collaborating for Cleaner Air


Angela Turnbow is an Academic Coordinator at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. She provides support for the Utah Law Review, the Center for Law and Biomedical Sciences, and the Environmental Dispute Resolution Program.