EDR Blog Year in Review: 2016

Jan 30, 2017 | Stegner Center

By Angela Turnbow

In 2016, we posted 26 blogs from 24 of authors. Many of our blog posts featured inspiring examples of collaboration. Several authors described ways in which opposing parties have—or currently are—working through environmental and public policy conflicts in ways that reflect the values and needs of all involved. Other posts illuminated the importance of, as one guest author put it, the “human to human connection”—something we all need to keep in mind in an age of increasing polarization.

Woven throughout these blogs are a variety of resources and insights that can help individuals, stakeholder groups, and communities navigate conflict and create value through collaboration. We’ve compiled all those great stories, lessons learned, and resources here in case you haven’t yet had a chance to read them.

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If you are interested in being an EDR Blog guest author, or if you have suggestions for EDR Blog topics, please contact Angela Turnbow (angela.turnbow@law.utah.edu).

Thank you to our past EDR Blog guest authors; we hope you will share your thoughts again in 2017!

Examples of and Opportunities for EDR

Jan. 19, 2016: Civity: The Other Keystone XL Story by Palma Strand

May 9, 2016: How Dialogue Can Help Small Rural Towns Navigate Planning Challenges by Bob Ford, Pam Leach, and Tracy Dutson

May 23, 2016: Going Fossil Free Collaboratively by Katherine Daly and Kailey Kornhauser

June 20, 2016: “Endless Pressure, Endlessly Applied”: Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness Bill by Rick Johnson

July 4, 2016: In the Footsteps of Many: Collaboration Is Key to Preserving the National Park Experience by Cory MacNulty

July 18, 2016: Citizen Referendum? I Vote “Needs Review” by Larry Schooler

Aug. 2, 2016: Collaboration Is a Better Way to Solve Our Most Difficult Problems by Lauren Barros

Aug. 15, 2016: Working with Elected Officials on Water Issues: What Can Collaboration Bring to the Table? by Jamie Holmstead

Sept. 12, 2016: Willard Spur: Resolving Conflict through Collaboration by Jeff Ostermiller repost

Oct. 6, 2016: The Western Klamath Restoration Partnership Uses the Open Standards Process by Bill Tripp Repost

Nov. 7, 2016: Noble Water Pursuits: How the Nobel Prize for Contract Theory Highlights Promising Movements in Utah Water Law by Emily E. Lewis

Dec. 5, 2016: My Own Worst Nightmare by Lucy Moore Repost

Dec. 19, 2016: Putting Another E in EDR (Electronic) by Noam Ebner


EDR Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Jan. 4, 2016: Adaptive Governance: Collaboration and Then Some by Robin Kundis Craig

Jan. 29, 2016: Four Principles of Conflict Resolution and Collaboration by Dan Adams

Feb. 16, 2016: Let Those Affected by Decisions Really Affect Those Decisions by Larry Schooler

April 25, 2016: Fireside Q & A with Professor Larry Susskind by Natalie Watkins

Sept. 25, 2016: Be the Thermostat, not the Thermometer by Heather Gilmartin Adams

Oct. 24, 2016: Using Serious Games to Help Communities Make Progress on Serious Problems by Danya Rumore


The Unique Human Ability for Collaboration and Dialogue

March 28, 2016: The Power of Collaborative Tinkering and Creative Problem Solving by Danya Rumore

April 10, 2016: What I Say vs. What You Hear: Flexing Your Style for Effective Communication by Heather Adams

Aug. 29, 2016: So Little Time, So Much to Read: Conflict Management Blogs I Follow by Michele Straube

Nov. 21, 2016: The Power of Human-to-Human Connections by Heather Gilmartin Adams


EDR Program

Feb. 29, 2016: EDR Blog, Year in Review: 2015 by Mara Elana Burstein

March 14, 2016: Apply for Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration by Michele Straube

June 6, 2016: EDR Year in Review (American Bar Association Report) by Andrew Ognibene


Angela Turnbow is an Academic Coordinator at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. She provides support for the Utah Law Review, the Center for Law and Biomedical Sciences, and the Environmental Dispute Resolution Program.