2023 EDR blog year in review

Jan 04, 2024 | EDR Blog

by the EDR program team

A view of the street near the University of Utah, Mario Capecchi Drive, at night with neon light streams and a cityscape in the backgroundAs we enter the new year, we are reflecting on where we’ve been and where we’re going. As part of that, we’re looking back at the EDR blog topics we covered last year, which included an overview of the EDR program’s future direction, discussion of why conflict tends to be so challenging for people, and exploration of key conflict competencies—i.e., key skills for making conflict productive.

A rundown of our 2023 blogs is provided below. We encourage you to catch up on any topics you missed.

In 2024, we anticipate continuing to explore key conflict competencies. We will also provide advice for how to address common challenges that arise when trying to productively work through conflict.

As always, we welcome your feedback on our blogs and suggestions for future EDR blog topics. Share your thoughts with us by emailing edrprogram@law.utah.edu.

2023 EDR blogs

January 2023

The future of the EDR program: Extra (effective) dialogue required

February 2023

The problem with conflict is that we see conflict as a problem

March 2023

Why we tend to see conflict as a problem—and why it matters

April 2023

Want to make conflict productive? Focus on what really matters

May 2023

How to focus on what really matters in conflict

June 2023

The power of calm when dealing with conflict

July 2023

To make conflict productive, focus on co-creating mutual gains

August 2023

Curiosity is a superpower when dealing with conflict

September 2023

Compassion: A prerequisite for calm, curiosity, and creativity when dealing with conflict

October 2023

Courage: An overarching skill for making conflict productive

November 2023

What is conflict competence and what are the core conflict competencies?

December 2023

Destructive conflict tendencies vs. productive conflict choices