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The Law Library is distributed throughout the law school. Circulation and reference services are available at the service desk located on level 1, with a reading room on level 1 for students as well as the general public. Books can be checked out at the main service desks on level 1 and 2. Additional library support is available through the law library website.


The library’s rare book room is located on level 1 near the service desk. Patrons needing access to items in the rare book room should ask for assistance at one of the service desks. We recommend that patrons needing access to the rare book room make an appointment in advance by contacting Dan Burn (


The library’s reading room is located on the first floor. Library patrons may use this room to study and use their computers.  Covered beverages (no-spill cups) and quiet snacks are permitted in the reading room.


Women’s and men’s restrooms are located off the hallway near the elevators on each floor.


Lockers are located throughout the building for the exclusive use of law students. Students must bring their own lock and can sign up for a locker using the online Locker Reservations tool.


An alarm will sound in case of fire. Everyone must exit the building quickly and in an orderly manner. Emergency exits are located throughout the building. Exiting through these doors will cause an alarm to sound. Please become familiar with the locations of exits and fire extinguishers. Avoid running on the stairs and do not slide down any bannisters. Use care near the railings around the atrium, and do not throw or drop any objects into the atrium.

Please don’t leave your property unattended – thefts have occurred in the library.


Study rooms are for the exclusive use of members of the law school community.


Library Stack Guide:

Floor Stack Area Materials
1st Reading Room Reference, Encyclopedia (AmJur), Federal Practice Digest 5th
Practice Materials (including form books), DVDs, Nolo books (pro se)
1st Open Shelving Current codes (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, NY, OR, & WA), Utah historical codes & pocket parts, Laws of Utah, Utah House & Senate Journals, Utah Reports/Reporter, Pacific Digest, Pacific Reporter, ALRs,

US Code, CFR

1st Compact Shelving Study aids, Main monographs JX-KZ
4th Old KF monographs, main monographs A-Z (except JX-KZ), Government Documents
5th Old US Code, old USCA, old state statutes, Statutes at Large, CIS Index, Journals


*Please note that only level one is open to the public and non-Quinney law community.