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Lexis (Nexis Uni):

Nexis Uni is an affiliate database to LexisNexis and contains select databases found in Lexis, including all federal and state case law, regulations, statutes and many legal journals. Nexis Uni also contains over 15,000 news and business sources. Nexis Uni available to all library users through the public computer terminals in the library or through personal laptops connected to the Internet through the University’s UGuest wireless internet. It is available at any campus library, not just the law library.



Reference service is available to assist with questions about the collection, to help find specific legal materials, or to set up a research strategy. The reference librarians cannot give legal advice or interpretations of the law; please consult an attorney who is engaged in the practice of law for such help. Much legal research can be done electronically. Reference librarians are available to give help and instruct in the use of online sources. Help is also available in areas requiring extra research skills such as legislative histories, administrative law, and international law. To contact the reference desk, call 801-581-6184 or email

Representing Yourself in Court: