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Recent highlights include:
  • Teneille R. Brown, Shifting the Male Gaze of the FRE _Vand. L. Rev. (2024)
  • Teneille R. Brown, Bad Habits Howard Law Rev, I (forthcoming)
  • Francesco Margoni & Teneille Brown, Jurors Use Mental State Information to Assess Breach, 236 Cognition I (2023)
  • Teneille R. Brown, When Doctors Become Cops _S. Cal. 2023
  • Teneille R. Brown, Minding Accidents 94 Colo. Law Rev. I (2022)
  • Teneille R. Brown, Abortion and the Extremism of Bright Line Rules
  • Teneille R. Brown, The Content of Our Character, Penn State L. Rev. (2021)
  • Teneille R. Brown, et al., Genomic Testing, Unexpected Consanguity, and Adolescent Parents (forthcoming in the Hastings Center Report with Jennifer DeSante-Berktau, Aimee Biller and Michelle McGowan)
  • Teneille R. Brown, Treating Addiction in the Clinic, Not the Courtroom: using neurogenetics to abandon the failed war on drugs, 54 Indiana L. Rev. 29 (2021)
  • Teneille R. Brown, When the Wrong People are Immune, 7 J. LAW AND THE BIOSCIENCES 18 (2020)
  • Teneille R. Brown, The Role of Dehumanization in Our Response to People with Substance Use Disorders, 11 Frontiers in Psychiatry 372 (2020)
  • Teneille R. Brown, Why We Fear Genetic Informants, 21 Columbia Journal of Science and Technology 1 (2020)
  • Teneille R. Brown, Needles, Haystacks, and Next-Generation Genetic Sequencing 28 HEALTH MATRIX 217 (2018)

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