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The University of Utah supports a range of intellectual property courses, research and programs beyond the College of Law.  Below are a few examples of these offerings across campus in which our students can get involved.



Utah Center for Excellence in ELSI Research (UCEER)
UCEER is an NIH-funded center at the University of Utah that supports the interdisciplinary study of ethical, legal and social issues arising from genetic and genomic research and medicine. Several College of Law faculty and students are affiliated with UCEER. Interested students should contact Professor Leslie Francis.
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Center for Engineering Innovation
The Center for Engineering Innovation (CEI) is the prototyping, advanced engineering services, and technical education center for the University of Utah and an integral part of the Utah Nanofabrication Laboratory and Micron Microscopy Core recharge/service centers. CEI offers numerous opportunities for the involvement of the campus community. Contact Dr. Florian Solzbache for additional information.
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Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation
The Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation, directed by Professor Matthew Higgins, provided students with a digital sandbox to generate ideas, experiment and learn on their way to success. The center was home to programs like the annual Games4Health challenge, HacktheU, and the Global Entrepreneurship Program. The center is currently closed, but is schedule to re-open soon.
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Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute
The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is a nationally ranked hub for student entrepreneurship and innovation and an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business. It provides opportunities for all students at the University of Utah to learn about and experience entrepreneurship at Lassonde Studios and other locations. Programs include workshops, grants, scholarships, and more.
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The Utah Antitrust Project
The Utah Antitrust Project is a collaboration among economists and law professors at the University of Utah that is dedicated to the study of progressive antitrust and consumer protection law and policy. The project organizes conferences and seminars on the topics of antitrust and consumer protection, hosts a website promoting relevant activities on- and off-campus, collecting relevant literature, and providing an active forum for debate on current issues promoting relevant activities on- and off-campus.
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