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The College of Law offers a range of field placements in a variety of practice areas, allowing students to develop lawyering skills while earning academic credit. During field placements, students do legal work under the supervision of a licensed attorney outside the law school. They also set learning goals and engage in robust reflection under the guidance of a faculty member.

Field placement opportunities vary each semester, depending on placement needs and student interests. Students can apply for placements through the online job board, request to be matched at a placement, or locate their own externship placement with the approval of the Director of Field Placements.

In addition, the College of Law offers one year-long field placement opportunity: Criminal Process Externship: This externship is open to third-year students interested in spending a full year working in a prosecutor’s or public defender’s office. Students must take the companion classroom course, Criminal Process, and need to qualify to appear in court under the student practice rule, Rule 14-807. Please note there are prerequisites: Evidence (LAW 7040), and either Criminal Procedure: Investigation (LAW 7030) or Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (LAW 7031). Trial Advocacy (LAW 7072) is highly recommended.

How to Apply
There are multiple ways to secure a field placement.

In order to enroll for course credit, students must confirm their field placements by the following dates:

  • Fall field placements must be confirmed by August 1.
  • Spring field placements must be confirmed by December 15.
  • Summer field placements must be confirmed by May 1.

Feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start? We’re happy to meet with you! Schedule a meeting with our Program Manager Emily Aplin or with the Director of Field Placements Jackie Morrison.

Field Placement FAQs