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From helping navigate that first year of practice, to a mid-career change in practice or location, to figuring out ways to give back in retirement, we are here for you. Maybe you want to look at going in-house or exiting legal practice for an entirely new field. Maybe your local bar could benefit from a free CLE presentation on hiring, diversity or the status of the legal economy. Maybe you want to give back, mentoring and advising the next generation of Utah lawyers. From rural to urban, solos to big firms, across Utah and around the world, we are excited to serve you, our amazing alumni.


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“What is 12twenty and why would I join it?” you ask. 12twenty is the system we use for posting jobs, setting up on-campus interviews, posting announcements and more. It is also the system students use to find and apply for jobs. Registering is easy, takes just a few minutes, and it is the first step in the hiring process. If you need help or the system seems a bit confusing, please don’t hesitate to reach out and allow us to help you get on the system today!
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Volunteer for Events and Mentoring
If you have an idea for a program or would be interested in volunteering as a program panelist or a student mentor, please let us know. Our programs change every year based on student interests and needs, so we would love to add you to our potential speaker list. We also find it can be invaluable to have alumni we can refer a student to for advice and mentoring about a particular practice, or because of a shared background. If you are interested in arranging a program or working with the CDO please click below.
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We recently move our alumni job board onto out 12Twenty system. If you are looking to make a move or just want to see who is in the market, this is the resource for you. If you don’t have a 12Twenty account click here to register and we will approve your account directly.
If you have forgotten your credential from your time in the building, you can request an updated password by clicking here and selecting the Forgot Password link, or we can help get your account reset by reaching out to Cynthia Lane with your request at
Alumni Connection
The University of Utah's "Forever Utah" networking platform helps alumni more easily connect with one another, refer cases to one another in other regions of the country, and reestablish old relationships.
Alumni Connection


“ Many experiences at the law school helped shape my career. I received a phenomenal education where I learned to think on my feet, felt supported by the faculty, and was encouraged to be creative. It was transformative when Professor Erika George began teaching at the school.  I cannot adequately convey how impactful it was for me to be taught by a brilliant, African-American woman.

The community at the law school is dedicated to the success of its graduates.  For example, I planned to leave Utah after law school.  Two months after graduation my personal circumstances drastically changed, and I suddenly needed to find a job that would allow me to remain in Salt Lake.  At the time the Career Development Office had a program where graduates were placed with local law firms and received a small stipend paid by the law school.  I was able to quickly enter this program, work with my first post-law school mentor Jeannine Bennett, and she ultimately hired me.  Had the law school not offered this program, I would have moved out-of-state and my entire life would be different. My experience is proof that whenever the best-laid plans go awry, it could be because the universe (and the S.J. Quinney College of Law) are planning for you.”

— Sadé Turner, Class of 2006
Turner practices civil litigation at Strong & Hanni in Salt Lake City. Her practice focuses primarily on family law and insurance-related matters, where she represents individuals as well as their companies when they are sued.


You can also reach out to anyone on the CDO team by phone or email, or book a meeting through the Calendly Meeting Scheduler links below.

Arturo Thompson
Arturo Thompson
Assistant Dean, Career Development Office
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Jaclyn Howell
Director, Career Development Office
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Jim Holbrook
Director of Special Projects
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Amanda Barr
Career Counselor
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Cynthia Lane
Administrative Assistant