College of Law

Our faculty members are committed to advancing access, belonging and opportunity through their scholarly activity. They conduct research on a wide range of related issues, and frequently publish and present their work in this area.

Explore our faculty's related publications and presentations below.


Daniel G. Aaron

    • Court Intrusion into Science and Medicine—the Mifepristone Decisions, 329 JAMA 1735 (2023) (with Teneille R. Brown & Michael S. Sinha).
    • Supreme Court Cases on Affirmative Action Threaten Diversity in Medicine, 120 PNAS (2023) (with Fatima Cody Stanford & Simar Bajaj).
    • Ethnic and Racial Considerations in the Evaluation of the Patient with Obesity, in HANDBOOK OF OBESITY (5th ed., forthcoming 2023) (with Peter T. Katzmarzyk, et al.).

Teneille R. Brown

    • Shifting the Male Gaze of the Rules of Evidence, 76 VANDERBILT L. REV.__ (forthcoming, 2023)
    • When Doctors Become Cops, __S. CAL. L. REV. __(forthcoming 2023)
    • Exploring the intersection of structural racism and ageism in healthcare, 70 J. AM. GERIATRIC ASSOC. 3366 (2022) (with Tim Farrell, et al.,)

Anna Carpenter

    • Lawyerless Law Development, __ STAN. L. REV. __ (forthcoming 2023) (with Colleen F. Shanahan, Jessica K. Steinberg, and Alyx Mark).
    • The Field of State Civil Courts, 122 COLUM. L. REV. 1165 (2022) (with Colleen F. Shanahan, et al.).
    • Judges in Lawyerless Courts, 110 GEO. L.J. 509 (2022) (with Colleen F. Shanahan, et al.).

Jorge Contreras

    • Intellectual Property and Assisted Reproductive Technology, 41 Nature Biotech 14 (2023) (with David Cyranoski &Victoria T. Carrington).

Leslie Culver

    • The Pale Veil: Decentering Whiteness As Power and Communication Norms In the Legal Profession (Research Summary), Western Regional Legal Writing Conference (Oregon Law, October 7-8, 2022).

Leslie Francis

    • Federalism and the Right to Travel: Medical Aid in Dying and Abortion, , 26 J. HEALTH CARE L. & POL'Y 49 (2023) (with John G. Francis).
    • Leslie P. Francis, Barbara E. Bierer & Michael Ashley Stein (2022) An Externalist, Process-Based Approach to Supported Decision-Making, The American Journal of Bioethics, 22:10, 55-58.
    • "Long COVID," Bodily Systems as ADAAA Major Life Activities, and the Social Model of Disability, 2022 UNIV. CHI. LEGAL F. 159 (2022) (Michael Ashley Stein).
    • Employees with Intellectual Disabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Directions for Disability Anti-Discrimination Law?, 74 OKLA. L. REV. 1 (2021).

Erika R. George

    • Finance, Investors and Human Rights, in TEACHING BUSINESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS (Anthony Ewing, ed.) (with Ariel Meyerstein) (2023).
    • Bias and Biometrics: Regulating Corporate Responsibility and New Technologies to Protect Rights, 12 NOTRE DAME J. INT’L & COMP. L. 1 (2022).
    • Book Review of Creating Corporate Sustainability: Gender as an Agent for Change (Beate Sjåfjell & Irene Lynch Fanon, eds., 2018) 7 BUS. & HUM. RTS J. 329 (2022).

Laura T. Kessler

    • Reproductive Justice at Work: Employment Law After Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, 109 CORNELL L. REV. __(forthcoming 2023).
    • Miscarriage of Justice: Early Pregnancy Loss and the Limits of U.S. Employment Law, 108 CORNELL L. REV. __(forthcoming 2023).
    • Achieving Equality Without A Constitution: Lessons From Israel for Queer Family Law, in QUEER AND RELIGIOUS ALLIANCES IN FAMILY LAW POLITICS AND BEYOND (Nausica Palazzo & Jeffrey A. Redding eds., 2022).
    • Addressing Sexual Misconduct in the United States Military: An Organizational Approach, 94 TEMPLE L. REV. 175 (2022).

Ruhan Nagra

    • Regulatory Theater: How Investor-Owned Utilities and Captured Oversight Agencies Perpetuate Environmental Racism, Public Interest Practitioner Section, 25 CUNY L. REV. 355 (2022), (with Jeanne Bergman & Jasmine Graham).

Clifford Rosky

    • Don’t Say Gay: Government Silence and the Equal Protection Clause, 5 U. Ill. L. Rev. 1845 (2022)

John Ruple

    • Bears Ears National Monument: Advocating to Protect Heritage on a Landscape Scale, in PUSHING BOUNDARIES IN SOUTHWESTERN ARCHAEOLOGY: CHRONOMETRY, COLLECTIONS, AND CONTEXTS (2023) (with multiple co-authors).

Elizabeth Kronk Warner

    • Laboratories of the Future: Tribes and Rights of Nature, 111 CAL. L. REV. 325 (2023) (with Jensen Lillquist)