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Contreras named among most-downloaded antitrust scholars in 2016

University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Jorge Contreras has been named as one of the most-downloaded antitrust scholars in the world, according to Technology Academics Policy.  Daniel Skol, a professor at the University of Florida, researched tenure track faculty members in law who have written at least one antitrust work in the […]

Contreras to speak at Patent Holdup Theory symposium in Washington D.C.

S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Jorge Contreras will speak at the “Patent Holdup Theory” symposium hosted by Stanford University in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 4.  Contreras will join economists Steven Haber (Stanford) and Daniel Spulber (Northwestern) to offer differing perspectives on the topics of patent holdup, royalty stacking and technical standards, which have taken on increasing importance […]

Leviathan in the Commons – Biomedical Data and the State

By Professor Jorge Contreras for As “big data” analytical techniques become increasingly prominent in biomedical research, attention is being drawn to the generation and character of large biomedical data repositories. In a chapter that is forthcoming in Governing Medical Knowledge Commons (Katherine Strandburg, Brett Frischmann & Michael Madison, eds., Cambridge Univ. Press 2017, in […]

Contreras presents work on international standard setting and patents

S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Contreras presented his work on international standard setting and patents at Jindal Global University’s Conference, “Innovation, Intellectual Propert, Competition and Standard Setting in the ICT Sector” in Dehli, India on August 20-21, 2016 Contreras discussed international disparities in the ownership of standard-essential patents and strategies for equalizing leverage among firms […]

Contreras publishes commentary related to Obama stance on patient ownership of genetic data

University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Jorge L. Contreras this week published a commentary piece in Nature Biotechnology on President Barack Obama’s position on patient ownership of genetic data. The piece is a short take on Contreras’ comprehensive article “Genetic Property,” which will be appearing in Georgetown Law Journal later this year.  

Contreras to speak in New York and Washington

Professor Contreras will be speaking in New York and Washington this week.  On Thursday, Apr. 14, 2016, he will speak at PLI’s 10th Annual Patent Law Institute in New York on the topic of Internet Standards and how standardization in the Internet domain has remained relatively free from the patent disputes and litigation that have […]

Pre-Competitive Collaboration in the Biopharma Industry

by Jorge Contreras for As costs rise and concerns grow about the pace of pharmaceutical innovation, both federal agencies and industry participants have turned to new forms of collaboration to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of biomedical research. Industry participants, many of them competitors, come together to define joint research and development objectives and […]

Contreras speaking at LeadershIP conference

On March 18, Prof. Contreras will be speaking at the LeadershIP conference in Washington, DC on the subject of patent royalty damages.  This issue has been hotly contested in numerous recent cases and Prof Contreras has been involved in a range of academic and policy-based initiatives to bring greater clarity to this area of the […]

Contreras to speak at Harvard Law School

On Mar 11, Prof Contreras will speak at Harvard Law School’s conference on Private Law and Intellectual Property. He will present work relating to the multifaceted and evolving legal nature of technical standard setting: private ordering, private law and public law.

Contreras speaks at conference on “Regulating Patent Hold-Up”

S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Jorge Contreras spoke on Monday, February 29, 2016 in Brussels at the University of Liege’s conference on “Regulating Patent Hold-Up”, arguing that market-wide empirical data is not a necessary element for proving anticompetitive conduct in standard-setting or otherwise.