You’re Moving Up! Check Your Symplicity Account.

If you haven’t done so already, check your Symplicity account as your class year may have changed.  This means that you will only see job postings that apply to your class year, and in the case of OCI, you can only see employers that will be coming to interview your class.  Please go into your account and double check that your class year is correct.  If for some reason it is not (i.e. you plan to graduate earlier or later than anticipated, etc.) please contact PDO immediately. 

A little side tip: It’s always a good idea to have an updated resume in Symplicity.  This allows PDO to run a search by the particular skills and backgrounds employers may be looking for, which allows us to contact you to encourage you to apply for an open position.  We may want to send it to an employer or an alumni on your behalf (with your permission, of course) if you are unavailable.  So, if you haven’t, please upload an updated resume into Symplicity.  If you need help adding to it, or would like someone in PDO to review it for you, please contact Anneliese, Megan or Jaclyn.