Update: Using Lexis or Westlaw during Clinical Internships

The policies of both Lexis and Westlaw permit interns to use their research tools when doing work in the course of their Clinical Program internships.  However, it is unethical for a private attorney to ask his paid law student clerk to use Westlaw or Lexis to research matters for the private law office.  Continue reading for the policies.

Westlaw:  “If  User is registered as a Student, for purposes directly related to User’s coursework at the Law School (including pro bono and public service program, unpaid public internships or externships that are part of User’s graduation requirements or for which the User receives law school course credit) or for bar preparation purposes.”   Section 2.1 Granthttp://lscontent.westlaw.com/images/content/2012ClickwrapAll.pdf.

Lexis: “Students and faculty may use their LexisNexis law school educational ID only for academic purposes. ‘Academic purposes’ include, but are not limited to: … an unpaid internship, externship or clinic for school credit or graduation requirement.”  http://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/terms/educational.page