Tips from the International Law Panel

For those of you who are interested in an international law experience, read on for some quick tips from the panelists at the International Law Student group panel:

1.) Use the internet to research and find your international internship or job.

2.) Don’t be afraid to ask any contacts that you have.  Ask away!

3.) If you don’t hear back from your internship, send a follow up email. 

4.) Be open to anywhere and anything.

5.) Use PDO to review your resume and cover letter, also for tips on interview skills and etiquette.

6.) Use the Northwest wall in the Gibby to find study abroad information.  Also contact in the International Law Society for even more brochures.

7.) Use the US Chamber of Commerce in the country in which you are interested.

8.) Use Professor contacts, especial Professors Guiora, Mallat and George.

9.) Check up on your visa. Make sure you have the correct information and don’t just assume it is ok!

Reminder from PDO—in the Document Library in Symplicity, there is a document entitled “Job Search Resources—International” which has hyperlinked websites relevant to an international law job search!