Tips for Fall OCI 2011 Recruiting

For detailed information about OCI and non-OCI fall recruiting, see the following handouts in the “Document Library” in Symplicity:
Fall Recruiting Facts, Before and Beyond (comprehensive guide, including non-OCI information)
Fall Recruiting Top Ten Tips (shortened form of fall recruiting facts, above)
OCI Application Cheat Sheet (step by step instructions on the application process)
OCI Document Tips (shortened information about résumés, cover letters, writing samples, and references)
Many handouts with detailed information on résumés, samples, cover letters, and more!  Skim the list of handouts to see what is available!

Helpful hints follow, including some FAQs from PDO.

1.  Dates
On Sunday, July 31 at 5 pm the application period closes.

NOTE:  Use the Fall OCI Employer Information spreadsheet sent out today and last week by PDO to help you determine the correct individual to whom you should address your cover letters.  If you have the wrong individual, you will stick out like a sore thumb.

2.  Résumé collection – direct send vs. standard
For most firms, apply exactly the same way whether the firm is coming on campus or collecting résumés.  In some instances, for example Osborn Maledon PA in Phoenix, the firms request that you visit their website ( and apply directly.  These types of resume collections are called “direct send” in Symplicity.  Ther are approximately five direct send employers signed up for Fall OCI. PS—Just because it is called “résumé collection” doesn’t mean the employer ONLY wants a résumé—provide whatever documents the employer requests.  This term simply means that the employer wants applications, but is not visiting campus.

3.  Not all firms use OCI
Some firms post on the Symplicity job board instead of participating in Fall OCI. If the firm is not participating but you are interested in them, apply directly to the firm.  Many small and medium-sized firms do not participate in OCI.

4.  If applying for a firm in a specific region that is participating in Fall OCI, also apply to other firms in that region who aren’t!  Last year, a Davis Polk interviewer told us following his interviews last fall that he asked applicants what other New York firms they had applied to.  If they hadn’t applied to others, he didn’t think they were serious about moving to New York!

5.  Don’t wait until the last minute to apply.  You don’t want to encounter any IT problems at the last minute—on a weekend.  At 5pm on July 31st, Symplicity will lock all students out of the OCI session, and you will be unable to submit your documents after that time.  Don’t get caught in this problem!  It is best to upload your documents and bid early.  Another important note: firms/agencies you apply to via OCI/Symplicity will not know when, prior to the July 31 deadline, you applied , unless they are classified as a “direct send”.  All other employers will receive application packets on the same day, and are unable to log into Symplicity to see who has applied prior to August 2 at 8am.


6.  Read each job posting description carefully.  You need to understand what they are looking for and may get a better grasp on how you should be applying.  Sometimes, for example, it is unclear whether a regional firm is hiring in different offices and how you can express interest.  A job posting will often clear that up.  Also, if you simply glance at a firm’s name, you may not understand which offices are open to hiring you.  For example, Snell & Wilmer’s firm name reflects its headquarter city, Phoenix, but the job posting/description makes clear that you can express interest in other cities (most often, but not always, this will include or even be limited to Salt Lake City).