Tiny Tip from the Director (Especially for 3Ls): Attend PDO Panels/Networking Opportunities

Whether it is Lunches with Lawyers or a panel discussion, make an effort to attend the events before you head out into the real world! They provide you with the means to network in a low-key (less icky feeling) atmosphere.  Lawyers in these settings usually go out of their way to help students, perhaps because they remember how hard it can be to juggle school, job searches, and life outside of school.  These low-key opportunities may be a little harder to find when you start practicing, so take advantage of all you can while you are here.  Today, at the Lunches with Lawyers event, there was a lone 3L in attendance (out of 16 students). That 3L made some great connections with three local litigators, each of whom operates a smaller firm (i.e., the size where most attorneys end up practicing). Whether you have a job or not (and job situations change often), you need to be meeting new people. It may provide a reason to contact someone later and can be a subject to mention in a cover letter. This is a small legal community, and the more people you know (oh, and who also like you), the better!