Take a look at job postings at other law schools—make a “reciprocity” request! (They are looking at ours).

Are you job seeking out of state?  Are you traveling over Spring Break?  If there is a Law School where you will be, or one whose job postings you would like to see, you may be able to do this by making a “reciprocity” request (allowing you to view job postings online or in person in a Career Services Office).  The process is very easy.

To make a reciprocity request, all you have to do is contact Chanel (chanel.stewart@law.utah.edu) and let her know which school or schools you would like reciprocity from.  Each school has their own reciprocity policy and offer different services.  Some offer access only if one of their students has requested our services.  Currently, we have more schools requesting reciprocity from us than our students are requesting reciprocity from other schools –let’s change this!  Take advantage of this service.  The following schools have active reciprocity requests from us, meaning at least one of you can request services from them (KEEP IN MIND YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO SCHOOLS FROM THIS LIST—JUST CONTACT CHANEL TO DISCUSS THE SCHOOLS IN WHICH YOU ARE INTERESTED):

Chapman University


George Mason

University of Richmond

University of San Diego


Vermont Law School


Creighton University

The Catholic University of America

George Washington

New York Law School

Boston University

Mississippi College

Marquette University

The University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law

George Mason

Washington University

Boston College

Gonzaga University*

Williamette University*

Lewis and Clark*

Seattle University*


* A Northwest Consortium School