Arturo Thompson to lead College of Law Career Development Office

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law has named Arturo Thompson as the institution’s new assistant dean of the Career Development Office. Thompson joins the CDO team at a critical time. The office is a key part of the law school charged with offering career-related skills training and education to law students and […]

Cold Weather and Hot Beverages Go Together Like PDO and Networking

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog.  Job Seekers, Winter Break is a great time for informational interviews. Here is the challenging part: you have to ask for them. If you meet someone at a party or event, don’t be afraid to ask. “Your career (or firm) sounds very interesting. Do you have time this […]

Make the Most of Your Winter Break

By Mary Crane for Career Brief Blog. The upcoming winter break provides tons of opportunities for you to reconnect with contacts you’ve made throughout the previous year. Think strategically and use the next several weeks to build and expand your networks. By early December, you will be hunkered down in final exam mode. Use the […]

Ring in the New Year Right

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog. ‘Tis the networking season. Holiday parties and get-togethers mean more than mini-meatballs, they are an opportunity to refresh your friendships and to meet new people. Networking comes in many forms: from conversation at a basketball game, to coffee meetings, holiday parties or conference events. Whenever you can, seize […]

The Secret to Getting a Law Job is Meeting Lots and Lots of Attorneys. Here’s How.

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog. You may have noticed that you are starting to get invitations to events hosted by the Professional Development Office. Participation in these type of events is crucial to your future career options. Make it a habit to attend these events (but don’t feel like you have to attend […]

Change is coming

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog. Change is coming. The legal world is evolving and the best place to find a job, might not be where you expect. Check out this short radio interview on the future of law, So You Want to Be a Lawyer broadcast on WNYC »

Straight from the Source: Christensen and Jensen

By Jess Hofberger for Career Brief Blog. The first in a series of conversations with legal employers. This episode is a discussion with Heidi Goebel of Christensen and Jensen. Listen to the episode »

Thank You For A Great Night at Our Mentor Social!

Thank you everyone who attended the mentor social at Gracies. Be on the lookout for information about our new online mentor matching program, Mentor U. Also, check out our photos from the night on Instagram @sjqmentor.

Six Ways to Begin Building a Network

There are many things I wish I’d done earlier, and one of them is starting to build my network of contacts. Now, let’s make sure we are talking about the right thing – networking and marketing are not the same. They are related, certainly, but really networking is a subset of marketing. So when I’m […]

Interview for “Fit”

Employers generally acknowledge that technical skills account for only 25% of any new professional’s success at work. The employees who thrive possess a series of soft skills—communication, networking, time management, teamwork—and they naturally “fit.” “Fit” relates to how well a potential new hire syncs with the culture or the core values, behaviors and personalities that […]