Survey Review

Survey Says . . .

The mission of the Green Team is to create innovative programs to match the innovative design features of the new law building. Succeeding in this mission requires crafting programs that are not only cutting edge but also reflect occupants needs and wants. In other words – we want you to be as excited about our programs as we are!

To guide our actions, last December the Green Team surveyed the SJQ Community about what YOU the building user wanted to see happen in the new law school building. Here is what you said.

What was the Survey all About?:

The survey was designed to achieve two goals:

1) To educate the SJQ Community about the five LEED Certification Categories: Sustainable Sites; Water Efficiency; Energy Efficiency; Materials and Resources; Indoor Air Quality; and share some of the building’s innovative features in each category.

2) Most importantly – ask you the building user what you wanted the Green Team to focus on when creating protocols and programming to complement the green goals of the building.

Who took the survey?:

We received 182 responses from a variety of sources. This is important because the building will be used not just by students, faculty, and staff, but also the broader community. Accordingly, we want to design programs that meet the needs of a variety of groups.

–       25% of Respondents were current students;

–       20% of responses were from Alumni;

–       25% from staff and faculty; and

–       30% from other sources such as: non-SJQ Utah Bar members; prospective students; University of Utah faculty; Stegner Center supporters; lecture attendees; neighbors; interested citizens; and others.

The Green Team is thankful to have received input from such a broad base of supporters and voices.

What did you say?:

Overall Respondents expressed excitement and pride in being part of our cutting edge undertaking. Respondents also gave great feedback on how the Green Team should focus their energies. As the year progresses the Green Team will use this information to tailor specific programs. In the interim, we have ascertained several themes to incorporate into our planning.

1)    Information:

You want to know! Throughout the survey Respondents requested signage, real time displays, status reports, and other informative opportunities to learn about how we are making a positive difference. For example, you recommended:

“. . . some sort of display in the main hall, highlighting the new design and also continually updating the energy and water saved in the new building as opposed to the old.”

“Start and finish each academic calendar division with a public review of goals and celebration of successes.”

You also wanted to know what the Green Team was doing and the progress made on our initiatives. In response, we created this Blog and intend to create a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to speed and engaged.

2)    Immediate Actions and Long Term Planning:

You are excited about the coming building but also wanted to know what the law school was doing NOW to make a lighter impact.

Most pointedly, you wanted to know about recycling in the current building and what the administration was doing to encourage greater recycling.

Worry you not! We are currently working on obtaining more recycling bins and making recycling opportunities more prevalent in the existing building. Be looking here on the Green Team Blog and in your email boxes for announcements regarding the arrival of the new bins and other actions affecting the existing building.

3)    Collaboration:

Another theme from Respondents was the desire for the law school to reach beyond its walls and collaborate with other institutions in Salt Lake City, Utah, and beyond.

For example, Respondents suggested working closely with the greater University to Utah to craft greener university wide policies. Another suggestion recommended using our legal expertise to find solutions to pressing local environmental concerns.  A third response requested collaborating with local artists to display rotating original art work throughout the building to promote an engaging and aesthetically interesting space.

Thank you so much for your feedback and we look forward to getting to work.

Please check back to see our progress and give any input in what you want to see happen in the new building. We are very excited about our undertaking and the opportunity to be a community leader in sustainability.

See you soon – The Green Team