Quinney Student Fellowships

We are pleased to solicit applications for Quinney Student Fellowships at the University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law.  Quinney Fellowships provide a select group of students with the opportunity to work closely with members of the faculty and others on a range of exciting research, writing, and service projects. Students receive an excellent educational experience, and an attractive package of financial benefits.  The program is competitive, and is designed to recruit students with superb motivation and research and writing skills (which may be demonstrated in ways not measured by GPA), and faculty members who are willing to build rich educational components into their research and service projects.

Fellowship Description

Students work directly with one or more members of the faculty on scholarship, service, and other activities.  Students will be matched to faculty with shared interests wherever possible. Students may be assigned to multiple faculty members who work in related areas, so that the student can attain expertise in particular fields of law, and so that faculty will receive assistance from students with growing competence in their fields.  One or more students may be assigned to work closely with law library research librarians.  At the discretion of supervising faculty, students also may work on their own research and writing projects in areas related to the faculty projects, or on works to be co-authored with members of the faculty.  While the work may include any kinds of assignments that are appropriate for normal student research assistance, it is expected that a significant percentage of the work will allow Fellows to obtain a sophisticated understanding of and engagement in the faculty’s substantive work.  Fellows will be expected to work a minimum of 150 hours per semester (approximately 12 hours/week), and should be prepared to make a firm commitment to that level of time and effort. Applicants should take into account any planned outside work or extra-curricular activities before making this commitment.  Fellows will be required to maintain and submit time records as a prerequisite to receipt of the stipend payments and tuition benefits described below.

Stipend, Tuition and Fee Waiver

2010-2011 Quinney Student Fellows will receive a $2,875 per semester stipend for their work.  This stipend qualifies the students for participation in the University’s Graduate Tuition Benefit Program (“TBP”).  Under the TBP, the students will receive a partial waiver of their tuition and fees–in addition to the stipend.  Last year the waiver was valued at approximately 35% of total resident tuition and fees for each semester the student receives the stipend (or approximately 60% of total non-resident tuition and fees). Once tuition rates are established for the 2010-2011 academic year recipients will be notified of the actual value to the TBP waivers.  Fellowship recipients will not be eligible to receive merit scholarship support during the time they are Quinney Student Fellows, with an exception for those who receive merit scholarships larger than $2,875 per semester.  They will be eligible to receive the amount of their scholarship in excess of $2,875 per semester.

Publication of Student Fellow Scholarly Work

Student Research Fellows who complete scholarly papers or other noteworthy work in conjunction with their fellowships may have their papers published on the Quinney Student Fellow website, if approved by supervising faculty members.  Supervising faculty members may also assist students in submitting their work for publication in law journals and other sources.  Over time, we may consider hard copy publication of student work in the form of occasional papers or a Quinney Fellowship Journal.

Student Selection Process

Quinney Student Fellows will serve for one academic year.  Students may serve as Fellows in both their 2L and 3L years, but must apply and be selected separately for each year.  Where applicants are approximately equally qualified, 3L students will have some preference.  Interested students must submit applications to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs by March 15, 2010.  Fellowship recipients will be determined and assigned to faculty members by a committee consisting of the Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, one member of the Legal Writing faculty, one librarian appointed by the Library Director, and two other members of the faculty currently serving on the Faculty Development Committee.  Selection will be based on submitted application materials and, at the committee’s discretion, individual interviews.  Criteria for selection will include academic performance and research experience as well as real-world work experience.  The committee will take into account evidence of superior research, writing, and other relevant skills and experience that may not be captured by GPA alone.  The committee will also consider whether other proposed time commitments will make it difficult for the applicant to fulfill their Fellowship responsibilities.  Students may request work in particular substantive areas of interest, and we will match the interests of Fellows and participating faculty members wherever possible.   However, Fellows may be assigned to any approved faculty project.

Fellowship awards will be announced by April 30.  The number of fellowships awarded will depend on the interest and qualifications of applicants, the number of approved faculty projects, and other factors. Fellowships will occur during the following academic year.  However, individual faculty supervisors and their assigned Fellows may arrange for work to begin to work during the prior summer, or to continue their work during the summer after a Fellowship.  During the summer, students will be compensated as research assistants and will not be eligible for the Tuition Benefit Program.

Student Training

Library faculty will provide training and assistance as needed in academic research methods and skills.

Deadline:        Complete applications and supporting materials are due to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs by no later than March 15, 2010.

Application:   Applicants shall submit the following information and materials:

1.         A statement of interest explaining why the applicant wants to become a Quinney Student Fellow, and believes she or he is particularly qualified based on demonstrated abilities and experience.  The statement may include a preference regarding applicant’s area of substantive interest.  Statements shall be no longer than 3 double-spaced pages and be the applicant’s own unedited work.

2.         The applicant’s current resume.

3.         The applicant’s current unofficial College of Law Transcript.

4.         One writing sample (from prior work at the College of Law, undergraduate or other graduate school work, or work experience) demonstrating the applicant’s research, analytical and writing skills.  The writing sample should be exclusively the product of the applicant’s work.

5.         A list of no more than 3 references who can attest to the applicant’s research and writing skills (which may include faculty at the College of Law).

6.         A summary of the applicant’s currently planned academic schedule (course load, etc.), outside work, extracurricular activities (including journals, external competitions, etc.), and other significant time commitments for the forthcoming academic year.

Interviews:     The selection committee may, in its discretion, schedule interviews.  If so, all applicants will be provided the same interview opportunity.

For Further Information
Please contact Associate Dean Barbara Dickey.