David T. Lewis Clinical Award

David T. Lewis Clinical Award

This award honors a student (or students) who have demonstrated an outstanding devotion to clinical work. The recipient must have utilized the Clinical Program to his/her optimal educational advantage and achieved identifiable educational benefit (or accomplishments) through that clinical work. Additionally, the recipient must have distinguished him/herself primarily through successful clinical work (rather than through other activities or endeavors).


Small financial prize and public recognition.

Recipients must be graduating 3Ls.

Application Requirements and Deadline
Please supply the following information:

  • Nominee and Nominator (can be students, faculty members, or clinic supervisors)
  • All Clinics, placements, supervisors, and semester/years that that the nominee completed
  • Brief description of why the nominee deserves the award, in light of established criteria

Due: Spring Semester

For Further Information
Please contact Professor Linda Smith.