Solo/Small Firm Support Series- Tips for Marketing Your Practice

1. Have a long-term strategy.  You are marketing now for the results you will want to see six months from now.  Who are the clients you want?  Where are they and how do they get information?  

2. Make use of the internet, blogs and other social media.  These tools are “the great equalizer” if potential clients are looking for attorneys on the web.  If your web site looks well-done and professional, you will appear as competent as others at larger firms.  Be cautious about entering into long term contracts for web-advertising and referrals.  Make sure it makes sense for the type of clients you want to attract, and that you have heard from others you trust who have gotten good results.

3. Attend events where you can get your name out in the public. Attend CLE’s, industry trade shows, and other events.  Join boards where you organize events and interact with others who might be your clients or refer work to you.

4. Make sure people know you and like you personally.  This starts while you are still a law student, and continues after graduation.  Do your classmates (even the ones in classes above and below you) like you? Do they think that you would work hard on a case if it were referred to you?  You don’t need to be the smartest, but you need to be nice and competent.  Future

5. Do great work.  People will notice—co-counsel, opposing counsel, and others will remember the quality of your work, and you will see referrals based on this if your work is solid.

6. Love your work, and let people know you enjoy it.   You should be able to tell people what type of work you do in a brief sentence and should appear enthusiastic about it.  If you seem miserable, who is going to refer you that type of a case/client?