Walsh Speaks on School-to-Prison Pipeline

In July, Rising 3L Vanessa Walsh spoke on the school-to-prison pipeline (STPP) and its impact on Native American students in Utah at the Governor’s Native American Summit. The Summit began in 2005 as a way of facilitating a discussion between state government, business and tribal leaders to address and develop solutions to various challenges that American Indians living in Utah face. Students the College of Law’s Public Policy Clinic, including Walsh, recently produced an award-winning report on how to release disadvantaged students from the school-to-prison pipeline so that all youth can get an education.

Walsh will also provide testimony the STPP’s effect on Native Americans at an upcoming hearing for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The Commission will hold a series of panel discussions to hear testimony from academics, school and government officials, advocates, law enforcement, and individuals directly impacted by the STPP. The first panel discussion, intended to gather background testimony from researchers and government officials, will take place on August 28, via web conference.  A second hearing, including an all-day series of five in-person panel discussions, will take place on September 11 in Oklahoma City.  Walsh will participate in the September 1 event.