U to host Rocky Mountain Junior Scholars Forum

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law will host legal scholars from the west on Oct. 4-5 for the Rocky Mountain Junior Scholars Forum.

The Forum, which the University of Utah hosts every other year, will bring together dozens of scholars from several law schools who are early in their careers. Participants circulate papers before the conference and present a work in progress to small groups of peers in a workshop format.

In addition to paper presentations, this year’s conference includes, for the first time, mentoring lunches. Established scholars from the University of Utah will host “mentoring tables” at lunch, during which pre-tenured faculty members are encouraged to ask discuss about research, teaching, tenure, and other questions.

Amelia Rinehart, a law professor and associate dean for faculty research and development, coordinated the conference along with Professor Cathy Hwang.