Rosky Discusses “Nature, Nurture, Sexuality, and Gender” on KUER’s RadioWest

Cliff_Rosky_qrhtc5On August 25, 2015, Professor Clifford Rosky was one of three guests on KUER’s RadioWest program discussing how the nature versus nurture debate continues to shape society’s views on sexuality and gender preference.

In addition to Rosky, the program’s other guests included Lisa Diamond, a professor of Developmental and Health Psychology at the University of Utah, who is co-authoring a journal article with Rosky on the nature vs. nurture debate and its role in the legal battle for the rights of sexual minorities; and Jim Tabery, a professor of philosophy at the U and the author of Beyond Versus: The Struggle to Understand the Interaction of Nature and Nurture.

To listen to the RadioWest program with Rosky, Diamond and Tabery, click here.