Media Corner: Amos Guiora available to discuss free speech trial of Geert Wilders

A University of Utah law professor is an expert witness in a high-profile trial underway in Amsterdam. Amos Guiora has submitted written expert testimony to address issues of free speech in the trial of Dutch Member of Parliament,  Geert Wilders.

Wilders is being prosecuted by the Dutch government for hate speech related to comments about Islam, immigration and the European Union. The trial has brought to light a political divide in Dutch society; Wilders is considered a polarizing figure in Dutch politics. The country is known for its tolerance, but is still healing from a past in which 105,000 Dutch Jews were deported and murdered by Nazis during World War II. Amos_Guiora_cagfyx

The trial in the Netherlands also relates to current events closer to home in the U.S.

Authorities in Greenville, Mississippi, are investigating as a hate crime the burning of a black church defaced with graffiti reading “Vote Trump.”

Comments made about Muslims, refugees and others have plagued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump throughout the election and have highlighted questions regarding the limits free speech for politicians and the public. The burning of the Church raises powerful questions regarding speech, hate and racism.

Where is the line drawn?

Guiora is available for media interviews to discuss free speech, multiculturalism and tolerance as they relate both to the Wilders trial and the presidential election.

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