McCormack Interviewed in SL Trib Regarding Local Flag Controversy

Wayne_McCormack_fylk5dOn July 2, 2015, Professor Wayne McCormack was interviewed by The Salt Lake Tribune for a story, “The Deseret territorial flag still flies over Salt Lake City.”

The story is about the Flag of the Kingdom of God of the State of Deseret, which flies above Ensign Peak Nature Park, a Salt Lake City municipal park.

“After calls to take down the Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina Capitol last week, historian John Gary Maxwell said Utahns should have a similar conversation,” according to the story.

However, McCormack explained that the historical significance of the flag means that there is no violation of the laws regarding separation of church and state.

Based on recent court rulings, he said, “”It’s pretty clear that if it’s a historic flag, it’s up to the city to decide whether or not they want it.”

To read the article, including quotes from McCormack and others, click here.