Lowe, ’08, Profiled in Fox 13 Story about New Center for Homeless Youth

Nicole Lowe, ’08, an Assistant Attorney General in the Utah Attorney General’s Office, was profiled in a Fox 13 story, “Volunteers for America to open new center for homeless youth in Salt Lake City.”

As recounted in the story, Lowe herself was homeless in her early teens, found herself drinking heavily and taking drugs. Upon discovering that she was pregnant, at the age of 17, she began making plans to get off the streets.

Lowe subsequently earned an undergraduate degree and J.D. at the University of Utah.

The new resource center will be six times larger than the VOA’s current site, and will include classrooms, a dining room, and a recreation room.

Lowe, who has worked with the child protection division of the AG’s office since graduation, said, “What these kids need is safety and food, a shelter, and somebody that really believes in them,” she said. “That’s what makes the biggest difference.  Without that, all they focus on is getting their next meal, where they’re going to sleep at night.”

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