Hwang to speak on tax inversions in Rome

There’s been no shortage of headlines in recent months about tax inversions—a way for U.S. companies to move abroad to save on corporate tax. Companies like Apple have also drawn ire for keeping earnings offshore in Ireland. The subject will again take the spotlight in Rome, Italy later this week at a conference organized by the Federal Bar Association called Citizenship in Rome. Speakers include University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Cathy Hwang, who will participate in a panel called “FinTech and TaxTech: How Money Technology, the Blockchain, and Tax Innovations are Fundamentally Changing the World.”  Hwang will speak about tax innovations  that move U.S. companies and earnings outside of the U.S., including innovations like inversions, which allow companies to be “tax domiciled” in a lower-tax country, such as Ireland or the U.K.  Hwang is available to speak to media about how this trend has started to backfire in cases such as the current Apple controversy. She can also explain how companies that have relocated significant assets abroad are now battling with potentially big tax liabilities. 

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