Guiora weighs in on internet privacy in wake of Orlando shootings

Amos_Guiora_cagfyxOn June 13, 2016 S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Amos Guiora spoke with ABC4’s Glen Mills about Internet privacy in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shootings that killed 49 people and injured many more.

“The fact you are on a watch list, and the fact that you have been brought in for questioning or that they are aware of you, there’s a huge difference between that and denying your civil rights, your civil liberties,” said Guiora.

Guiora says there is a growing conflict between public safety and privacy in these cases. Specifically, online where terrorist groups are recruiting and encouraging attacks.

“Do we, yes or no monitor and limit free speech on the internet and there is no clear, concise answer to that. But, I think the time has come to have a candid discussion about social media and cyber incitement,” said Guiora.

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