Guiora discusses “just living with terrorism” with The New York Times, MPR.

Amos_thumbnailOn July 15, 2016 S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Amos Guiora participated in The New York Times‘ “Room for Debate” discussion titled, “Can We Just ‘Live With’ Terrorism.” Guiora was joined by Paul Rosenzweig, Liah Greenfield, Michael Mukasey and Noura Erkat.

Attacks reinforce how vulnerable democratic nations are in the face of extremism and terrorism. It’s the price we pay for being open societies. 

In response to horrors like the Nice massacre, some will want to lash out at particular ethnic groups and limit individual rights and freedoms. 

Israel has imposed many tough defense measures in response to the continual terror threat it faces. Some, like the security fence between Israel and the West Bank, administrative detention and targeted killing of Palestinians, and curfews on Palestinian communities, have evoked criticism and controversy, at home and abroad. 

But while these means of self-defense are understood to be necessary and justified, the public also wants to live. It wants to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. It wants not to be burdened by the realities of terrorism and the costs it imposes. 

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